New Stochastic Method for Sequence Recognition

We offer a new stochastic method for sequence recognition, which is suitable for detection of for example speech, text or handwriting recognition. In tests it outperformed Hidden Markov Models (HMM’s) and other approaches significantly, which were state of the art for pattern recognition of sequences up till now.<!–break–></p>

<p>The new sequence recognition method is nearly under and over fitting free. The training procedure doesn’t require an initial set of parameters or incremental optimization, so that the training can run fully automated. The method is able to do “word spotting” in very long sequences. Because of its unique nature it is very insensitive to non-linear distortion. The needed computing cost is low, thus the new method for sequence recognition can work in real time.<br> <br> <strong>IP Rights</strong><br> <strong>IP Rights</strong><br> EP and US patent application with priority on July 2007<br> <br> <strong>Patent Owner</strong><br> Technische Universität Berlin</p>

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