Process Engineering

This special field revolves around processes for modifying material properties (milling, cooling), composition (filtration, distillation) and type (oxidation, hydration).

Valuable information is available on a broad range of technologies including material separation, laser processes, measuring techniques and robot engineering in addition to testing methods and coating and materials analysis processes.

Sustainable process to recycle biobased polycarbonates

Researchers from ICIQ describe a circular process to recycle polycarbonates, a specific polymer often used in plastic applications, using less chemicals and user-friendly conditions. A month ago, the European Union…

Load-bearing plastic structures from the 3D printer

Screw Extention Additive Manufacturing (SEAM) makes it possible. With granulate-based plastic processes, it is now possible to design highly durable products and produce them economically, even in closed material cycles….

Novel method for creating underwater maps

Dr. Andreas Birk, professor of electrical engineering and computer science at Constructor University in Bremen, and his Ph.D. fellow, Tim Hansen, have developed an innovative method for processing sensor data…

Unique X-ray Topography Based Defect Characterization for SiC Wafers

Honored with Georg Waeber Innovation Award 2023. A team from Rigaku SE and Fraunhofer IISB has established a new semiconductor material characterization method. They succeeded in developing an industry-ready X-ray…

CAFIPLA project develops innovative biomass pretreatment process for the bioeconomy

The use of biomass for the bioeconomy has so far focused primarily on sugar- or starch-based raw materials, which are associated with high environmental costs in terms of land use…

Customized layers

Jena researchers develop new method for manufacturing tailor-made semiconductor thin films. Organic semiconductor materials are promising key technologies for the development of state-of-the-art optoelectronic components and are used in photovoltaics…

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