Process Engineering

This special field revolves around processes for modifying material properties (milling, cooling), composition (filtration, distillation) and type (oxidation, hydration).

Valuable information is available on a broad range of technologies including material separation, laser processes, measuring techniques and robot engineering in addition to testing methods and coating and materials analysis processes.

New method for the technological use of 2D nanomaterials

Nanosheets are finely structured two-dimensional materials and have great potential for innovation. They are fixed on top of each other in layered crystals, and must first be separated from each…

Most powerful dual-comb spectrometer developed

Scientists from Hamburg and Munich developed the world’s most powerful dual-comb spectrometer that paves the way for many applications in atmospheric science and biomedical diagnostics, such as early cancer detection….

Welding more efficiently underwater

LZH develops a new process… The Laser Zentrum Hannover (LZH), together with an industrial partner, is developing a laser-assisted metal flux-cored welding process for use underwater. The process aims to…

High Speed Processing on Large Wafers

… with Newly Developed On-the-Fly Laser Equipment. In order to be able to manufacture more efficient solar modules, the photovoltaic industry is increasingly switching its production to larger wafer formats….

New technology 3D-prints glass microstructures with rays of light

The manufacturing technique enables faster production, greater optical quality and design flexibility. Researchers at UC Berkeley have developed a new way to 3D-print glass microstructures that is faster and produces…

Ultrasonic tech to develop safer railway track lubrication measurement system

THE University of Huddersfield has forged a partnership with an innovative technology business to work with Network Rail on developing a safer and more reliable track lubrication measurement system. The…

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