Medical Engineering

The development of medical equipment, products and technical procedures is characterized by high research and development costs in a variety of fields related to the study of human medicine.

innovations-report provides informative and stimulating reports and articles on topics ranging from imaging processes, cell and tissue techniques, optical techniques, implants, orthopedic aids, clinical and medical office equipment, dialysis systems and x-ray/radiation monitoring devices to endoscopy, ultrasound, surgical techniques, and dental materials.

Wearable sensor uses ultrasound to provide cardiac imaging on the go

UC San Diego engineers lead development of a powerful new ultrasound sensor system for cardiac imaging that even works during a workout. Engineers and physicians have developed a wearable ultrasound…

Color images from the shadow of a sample

Researchers at Göttingen University develop new method for X-ray color imaging. A research team at the University of Göttingen has developed a new method to produce X-ray images in colour….

Pop-up electrode device could help with 3D mapping of the brain

Understanding the neural interface within the brain is critical to understanding aging, learning, disease progression and more. Existing methods for studying neurons in animal brains to better understand human brains,…

Researchers aim to spin artificial nerve fibres with new technology

A new research project at Aarhus University aims to find new forms of treatment for diseases such as multiple sclerosis, which breaks down myelin and nerve fibres, by developing new,…

New tool uses ultrasound ‘tornado’ to break down blood clots

Researchers have developed a new tool and technique that uses “vortex ultrasound” – a sort of ultrasonic tornado – to break down blood clots in the brain. The new approach…

Affordable device for fixing broken bones

… piloted in Gaza, Sri Lanka and Ukraine. Imperial researchers have developed a low-cost, easy-to-manufacture stabiliser for broken bones to help in regions where such devices are expensive or in…

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