Medical Engineering

The development of medical equipment, products and technical procedures is characterized by high research and development costs in a variety of fields related to the study of human medicine.

innovations-report provides informative and stimulating reports and articles on topics ranging from imaging processes, cell and tissue techniques, optical techniques, implants, orthopedic aids, clinical and medical office equipment, dialysis systems and x-ray/radiation monitoring devices to endoscopy, ultrasound, surgical techniques, and dental materials.

New process revolutionizes microfluidic fabrication

Structural color printing creates new pathways for medical diagnostics and miniaturized sensors. Microfluidic devices use tiny spaces to manipulate very small quantities of liquids and gasses by taking advantage of…

Process Chains for Isolation and Analysis

… from Single Cells to Organoids. Researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute for Laser Technology ILT are working on new tools for the preparation and analysis of single cells and cell…

More precise diagnoses and personalized therapies

… due to hyperpolarized nuclear magnetic resonance. Hyperpolarized nuclear magnetic resonance enables major medical advances in molecular diagnostics, for example for cardiovascular diseases or cancer therapy. Within the framework of…

Scientists use machine learning models to help identify long COVID patients

A study shows how the National COVID Cohort Collaborative used XGBoost machine learning models to better define long COVID and identify potential long-COVID patients with a high degree of accuracy….

Infrared imaging to measure glymphatic function

Dynamic infrared tracer imaging uses affordable and widely available equipment to obtain the temporal resolution necessary to evaluate glymphatic flux within the brain. The glymphatic system facilitates fluid exchange in…

CABBI team develops automated platform for plasmid production

PlasmidMaker has a user-friendly web interface with which researchers can intuitively visualize and assemble the perfect plasmid for their needs. Plasmids have extensive use in basic and applied biology. These…

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