Ecology, The Environment and Conservation

This complex theme deals primarily with interactions between organisms and the environmental factors that impact them, but to a greater extent between individual inanimate environmental factors.

innovations-report offers informative reports and articles on topics such as climate protection, landscape conservation, ecological systems, wildlife and nature parks and ecosystem efficiency and balance.

Fate of the world’s biggest ice sheet is in our hands

The fate of the world’s biggest ice sheet still rests in our hands if global temperature increases are kept below the upper limit set by the Paris Agreement on climate…

New model sheds light on day/night cycle in the global ocean

Phytoplankton is the foundation of all life on the planet. Understanding how these photosynthetic organisms react to their ocean environment is important to understanding the rest of the food web….

Hundreds of large habitat shifts have shaped life on Earth today

An international team led by Uppsala University researchers has uncovered that eukaryotes (organisms with a cellular nucleus) have made hundreds of big leaps from sea to soil and freshwater habitats,…

Highest coral cover in central, northern Reef in 36 years

The northern and central Great Barrier Reef have recorded their highest amount of coral cover since the Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS) began monitoring 36 years ago. Published today,…

Computer modelling aims to inform restoration, conservation of coral reefs

UBCO researcher creates hundreds of scenarios, determines importance of coral diversity. A UBC Okanagan research team has created a computer modelling program to help scientists predict the effect of climate…

Hot on the trail of the causes of rapid ice sheet instabilities

… in climate history. Heinrich Events or, more accurately, Heinrich Layers, are recurrent conspicuous sediment layers, usually ten to 15 centimeters thick, with very coarse rock components that interrupt the…

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