Ecology, The Environment and Conservation

This complex theme deals primarily with interactions between organisms and the environmental factors that impact them, but to a greater extent between individual inanimate environmental factors.

innovations-report offers informative reports and articles on topics such as climate protection, landscape conservation, ecological systems, wildlife and nature parks and ecosystem efficiency and balance.

The ocean as ally in climate protection

How does ocean alkalinity enhancement affect marine life? In a multi-week experiment starting today, scientists led by GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel investigate if the addition of rock…

Methane emissions from wetlands

…increase significantly over high latitudes. Berkeley Lab scientists show decadal increases in wetland methane emissions in Arctic and Boreal ecosystems. Wetlands are Earth’s largest natural source of methane, a potent…

Beyond peak season

Bacteria in the Arctic seabed are active all year round. Despite the pronounced seasonality in their habitat, the bacterial community in Arctic sediments is taxonomically and functionally very stable. The…

Marine pollution

Synthetic fibers and tire abrasion have the strongest impact on corals. Studies on the effects of microparticles of different materials on reef-building corals and their feeding behavior. Corals feed on…

The role of jellyfish as a food source in the Arctic winter

AWI research team shows that jellyfish play an important, previously unknown role in the diet of amphipods during the polar night. The Arctic is changing rapidly due to climate change….

Satellites unveil the size and nature of the world’s coral reefs

University of Queensland-led research has shown there is more coral reef area across the globe than previously thought, with detailed satellite mapping helping to conserve these vital ecosystems. Dr Mitchell…

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