Ecology, The Environment and Conservation

This complex theme deals primarily with interactions between organisms and the environmental factors that impact them, but to a greater extent between individual inanimate environmental factors.

innovations-report offers informative reports and articles on topics such as climate protection, landscape conservation, ecological systems, wildlife and nature parks and ecosystem efficiency and balance.

Riddle of Varying Warm Water Inflow in the Arctic Now Solved

In the “weather kitchen,” the interplay between the Azores High and Icelandic Low has a substantial effect on how much warm water the Atlantic transports to the Arctic along the…

Six of nine planetary boundaries now exceeded

A new study updates the planetary boundary framework and shows human activities are increasingly impacting the planet and, thereby, increasing the risk of triggering dramatic changes in overall Earth conditions….

New rivers in the North?

Scientists identify how the dissection of Arctic landscapes is changing with accelerating climate change. New research co-led by Simon Fraser University and the University of British Columbia shows that amplified…

TROPOS measurement campaign on small-scale variability of sunlight

… in the USA successfully concluded. For the first time, German researchers have measured the influence of clouds on short-term fluctuations of solar radiation in North America. They have used…

Artificial intelligence could help build pollen jigsaw of present and ancient flora

An emerging system which combines rapid imaging with artificial intelligence could help scientists build a comprehensive picture of present and historic environmental change – by swiftly and accurately analysing pollen….

Capturing carbon in savannas

New research examines role of grasses for controlling climate change. In recent years, the escalating impact of global warming has prompted efforts to reverse troubling trends, often by planting trees…

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