Automotive Engineering

Automotive Engineering highlights issues related to automobile manufacturing – including vehicle parts and accessories – and the environmental impact and safety of automotive products, production facilities and manufacturing processes.

innovations-report offers stimulating reports and articles on a variety of topics ranging from automobile fuel cells, hybrid technologies, energy saving vehicles and carbon particle filters to engine and brake technologies, driving safety and assistance systems.

The potential of solar cars in the world

A new study, modeling the potential of solar-powered vehicles in the urban context in 100 cities across the world, shows that solar energy provides a range between 11 and 29…

World record: World’s longest-range electric car comes from Munich

Students from the Technical University of Munich (TUM) have developed the longest range electric car in the world. The team drove more than 2.573 kilometers on a single battery charge….

Era of hydrogen-fueled vehicles to begin

World-class technology technology for a 2-liter class hydrogen engine (or a passenger car hydrogen engine) capable of running entirely on hydrogen has been developed for the first time in the…

CityU’s novel AI system enhances the predictive accuracy of autonomous driving

Precisive real-time prediction of the movement of nearby vehicles or the future trajectory of pedestrians is essential for safe autonomous driving. A research team led by City University of Hong…

Efficiency impact of smart-technology-enabled vehicles

Eco-driving technology can significantly improve the energy efficiency of both electric, internal combustion vehicles. A Southwest Research Institute project funded by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has demonstrated an…

Radar systems with a new design and AI support

…make self-driving cars safer – and cheaper. The combined radar expertise of Fraunhofer IZM is making the sensors needed for self-driving cars not just cheaper, but more reliable and accurate…

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