Transportation and Logistics

This field deals with all spatial and time-related activities involved in bridging the gap between goods and people, including their restructuring. This begins with the supplier and follows each stage of the operational value chain to product delivery and concludes with product disposal and recycling.

innovations-report provides informative reports and articles on such topics as traffic telematics, toll collection, traffic management systems, route planning, high-speed rail (Transrapid), traffic infrastructures, air safety, transport technologies, transport logistics, production logistics and mobility.

Safety in warehouse logistics

New Fraunhofer safety technology reduces transportation accidents. Warehouses are home to heavy volumes of traffic. The numbers of industrial trucks (pallet trucks, forklift vehicles and the like) traversing their aisles…

Automated system to detect compressed air leaks on trains

Technology could help industry save millions in fuel consumption, reduce exhaust emissions. Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) has developed a proof-of-concept system to autonomously detect compressed air leaks on trains and…

First autonomous car in Luxembourgish traffic

The University of Luxembourg’s Interdisciplinary Centre for Security, Reliability and Trust (SnT) demonstrated its autonomous car in live traffic on Kirchberg today, Thursday 3 November 2022. This represents the first…

Does traffic noise from flying cars cause stress?

Researchers from Nagoya University and Keio University in Japan have estimated a person’s stress levels caused by the sound of a flying car passing overhead. The research was published in…

Less noise and better fuel efficiency during approach

The approach to an airport runway is a real challenge for pilots: reducing speed, extending flaps and speed brakesand much more – all with as little noise and fuel consumption…

Crash test dummies for e-scooters

Making the mobility of the future safe. Practical and environmentally friendly, e-scooters offer great flexibility. It is no wonder that more and more people are using this form of transport….

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