Transportation and Logistics

This field deals with all spatial and time-related activities involved in bridging the gap between goods and people, including their restructuring. This begins with the supplier and follows each stage of the operational value chain to product delivery and concludes with product disposal and recycling.

innovations-report provides informative reports and articles on such topics as traffic telematics, toll collection, traffic management systems, route planning, high-speed rail (Transrapid), traffic infrastructures, air safety, transport technologies, transport logistics, production logistics and mobility.

MINGA research project: Automated vehicles for public transport

In order to advance the automation and digital networking of public transportation in Munich, 16 partners, including the University of Stuttgart, have joined forces in the “MINGA” research project. Their…

Propellers are louder over ground

The effects of the ground on propeller noise have been measured experimentally for the very first time by researchers in the Aeroacoustics research team at the University of Bristol. In…

Foundations for future testing of automated driving functions

SivaS research project: Driver assistance systems and automated driving functions have great potential to improve road safety. Already today, a large number of systems are available in modern motor vehicles…

Sailing cargo ships can benefit from new aerodynamic tech

A research team at Chalmers University of Technology is the first to demonstrate a unique method that reduces the aerodynamic resistance of ships by 7.5 per cent. This opens the…

Survey launched on a new generation of roundabouts

Traffic researchers from TU Dresden and Ruhr-University Bochum want to optimise the design, marking and signage of “turbo roundabouts”. Roundabouts have become an integral part of the German road network….

Safety in warehouse logistics

New Fraunhofer safety technology reduces transportation accidents. Warehouses are home to heavy volumes of traffic. The numbers of industrial trucks (pallet trucks, forklift vehicles and the like) traversing their aisles…

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