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WifOR has published its Impact Valuation factors

What are the societal impacts of a company’s CO₂ emissions? What is the value of research and development for the community? To enable comparison and valuation of non-financial metrics, Impact…

Kiel Trade Indicator 07/23: World trade clouds over

The negative outlook of mid-July has been confirmed: The values of the Kiel Trade Indicator for world trade and for the trade of the major economies are all negative in…

Kiel Trade Indicator 10/22: Congestion in container shipping declines

Congestion in container shipping is receding at a high level. This is shown by the latest data update of the Kiel Trade Indicator for the month of October. Freight rates…

World trade unimpressed by Omicron so far

Kiel Trade Indicator 12/2021: Kiel Trade Indicator, Update January 5,2022: In contrast to the first major wave of the pandemic, world trade has so far not shown any negative swings…

Microtechnology industry is hiring – positive developments of past years continue

Staff numbers und turnover are constantly rising in the microtechnology industry

RWI/ISL-Container Throughput Index with minor decline on a high overall level

The index is based on data continuously collected from world container ports by ISL as part of its market monitoring. Because large parts of international…

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