Materials Sciences

Materials management deals with the research, development, manufacturing and processing of raw and industrial materials. Key aspects here are biological and medical issues, which play an increasingly important role in this field.

innovations-report offers in-depth articles related to the development and application of materials and the structure and properties of new materials.

New upcycling system for commercial polyesters

Using commonly available materials and a simple mixing and heating process, polyesters can be transformed into highly recyclable, high-value materials. While plastics or synthetic polymers have many useful properties, their…

First single-crystal organometallic perovskite optical fibers

The high-performing fibers could speed-up broadband delivery, improve medical imaging and even make solar powered clothing. Due to their very high efficiency in transporting electric charges from light, perovskites are…

Upgrading your computer to quantum

Computers that can make use of the “spooky” properties of quantum mechanics to solve problems faster than current technology may sound alluring, but first they must overcome a massive disadvantage….

Differentiate right- and left-handed particles

… by the force exerted by light. Chirality is the property that the structure is not superposable on its mirrored image. Chiral materials exhibit the characteristic feature that they respond…

Soft devices – powered by ‘stressed’ algae – glow in the dark

… when squished or stretched. Researchers at the University of California San Diego have developed soft devices containing algae that glow in the dark when experiencing mechanical stress, such as…

Designing new quantum materials on the computer

A new design principle can now predict the properties of quantum materials that have hardly been explored so far. For the first time, a strongly correlated topological semimetal has been…

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