Materials Sciences

Materials management deals with the research, development, manufacturing and processing of raw and industrial materials. Key aspects here are biological and medical issues, which play an increasingly important role in this field.

innovations-report offers in-depth articles related to the development and application of materials and the structure and properties of new materials.

Technology-specific raw materials show a short useful life in the life cycle assessment

A team of researchers from Bordeaux, Augsburg and Bayreuth has studied 61 different metals over the course of multiple years. The results have been published in the prestigious journal “Nature…

A Möbius band constructed solely by carbon atoms

Scientists have synthesized the first belt-shaped molecular nanocarbon with a twisted Möbius band topology—a Möbius carbon nanobelt—that paves the way for the development of nanocarbon materials with complex topological structures….

Teaching physics to AI makes the student a master

Incorporating known physics into neural network algorithms allows them to discover new insights into material properties. Researchers at Duke University have demonstrated that incorporating known physics into machine learning algorithms…

New material can ‘capture toxic pollutants from air’

New material is capable of capturing trace amounts of benzene, a toxic pollutant, from the air and crucially use less energy than existing materials to do so. Researchers at University…

Shaping the future of light through reconfigurable metasurfaces

The technological advancement of optical lenses has long been a significant marker of human scientific achievement. Eyeglasses, telescopes, cameras, and microscopes have all literally and figuratively allowed us to see…

New theory promises to reshape how we think about polymer superstructures

Scientists at UMass Amherst can now accurately predict how double-gyroid networks form. Polymer scientists at the University of Massachusetts Amherst recently announced in the journal Nature Communications that they have…

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