Materials Sciences

Materials management deals with the research, development, manufacturing and processing of raw and industrial materials. Key aspects here are biological and medical issues, which play an increasingly important role in this field.

innovations-report offers in-depth articles related to the development and application of materials and the structure and properties of new materials.

Rusting iron can be its own worst enemy

Rice team’s simulations show iron catalyzes corrosion in ‘inert’ carbon dioxide. Iron that rusts in water theoretically shouldn’t corrode in contact with an “inert” supercritical fluid of carbon dioxide. But it does….

Advancing materials science with the help of biology and a dash of dish soap

High-speed X-ray free-electron lasers have unlocked the crystal structures of small molecules relevant to chemistry and materials science, proving a new method that could advance semiconductor and solar cell development….

Zeolite nanotube discovery made by researchers at Georgia Tech

Zeolites, which are crystalline porous materials, are very widely used in the production of chemicals, fuels, materials, and other products.  So far, zeolites have been made as 3D or 2D…

Stirring a superfluid with a laser

Researchers at Osaka University use optical tweezers to control nanoparticles within an ultracold phase of matter called superfluid helium, which may lead to a better understanding of the interactions between…

Creating sustainable material from waste

University of Delaware researchers report low-pressure method to convert industrially processed biomass into plastics, chemicals. It’s no secret that we need more sustainable materials if we hope to help the…

When graphene speaks, scientists can now listen

Brothers in Rice lab find audio from graphene production contains valuable data. It may be true that seeing is believing, but sometimes hearing can be better. Case in point: Two…

Materials for extremely high-efficiency perovskite solar cells

A group of chemists from Kaunas University of Technology (KTU), Lithuania synthesised materials that were used for constructing a record-breaking perovskite solar module, with an efficiency of 21.4 per cent….

Low-temperature DeNOx catalyst for reducing ultrafine particle emission

7 times increased durability compared to conventional commercial catalysts. Empirical research conducted at an industrial field to check commercialization (Kumho Petrochemical – Cogeneration Power Plant). Recently, there has been growing…

Bone growth inspired “microrobots” that can create their own bone

Inspired by the growth of bones in the skeleton, researchers at the universities of Linköping in Sweden and Okayama in Japan have developed a combination of materials that can morph…

New photonic effect could speed drug development

Twisted semiconductor nanostructures convert red light into the twisted blue light in tiny volumes, which may help develop chiral drugs. Twisted nanoscale semiconductors manipulate light in a new way, researchers…

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