Materials Sciences

Materials management deals with the research, development, manufacturing and processing of raw and industrial materials. Key aspects here are biological and medical issues, which play an increasingly important role in this field.

innovations-report offers in-depth articles related to the development and application of materials and the structure and properties of new materials.

Topological materials open a new pathway for exploring spin hall materials

A group of researchers have made a significant breakthrough which could revolutionize next-generation electronics by enabling non-volatility, large-scale integration, low power consumption, high speed, and high reliability in spintronic devices….

Molybdenene – the “metallic” relative of graphene

Two-dimensional materials like graphene show fascinating properties such as superconductivity, extraordinary strength and exotic quantum phenomena. Scientists at Forschungszentrum Jülich, together with partners from the Indian Institute of Technology in…

New self-cleaning membranes dramatically improve the efficiency of desalination technologies

Embedded with organic crystals, hybrid membranes use “smart separation” approach that is more effective and environmentally sustainable. A team of NYU Abu Dhabi (NYUAD) researchers has developed a new kind…

Lehigh University researchers make sand that flows uphill

Paper published in ‘Nature Communications’ details how applying magnetic forces to individual ‘microroller’ particles spurs collective motion—with counterintuitive results. Engineering researchers at Lehigh University have discovered that sand can actually…

New recycling method fights plastic waste

Turning mixed plastic into useful chemicals. Almost 80% of plastic in the waste stream ends up in landfills or accumulates in the environment. Oak Ridge National Laboratory scientists have developed…

Buried ancient Roman glass formed substance with modern applications

Researchers reveal how photonic crystals were created by corrosion and crystallization over centuries. Some 2,000 years ago in ancient Rome, glass vessels carrying wine or water, or perhaps an exotic…

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