Power and Electrical Engineering

This topic covers issues related to energy generation, conversion, transportation and consumption and how the industry is addressing the challenge of energy efficiency in general.

innovations-report provides in-depth and informative reports and articles on subjects ranging from wind energy, fuel cell technology, solar energy, geothermal energy, petroleum, gas, nuclear engineering, alternative energy and energy efficiency to fusion, hydrogen and superconductor technologies.

New Consortium Aims to Develop More Sustainable Sodium-based Batteries

The batteries of the future must be both powerful and sustainable. A new joint project, coordinated by the University of Würzburg, aims to make sodium-ion batteries ready to fulfill for…

Hybrid Electricity and Heat Generation

Innovative Parabolic Trough Solar Module Developed at TU Graz. Solar rays focused on concentrator photovoltaic cells using parabolic mirrors not only supply electricity, but also thermal energy for industrial processes,…

Development of the world’s top-level semi-transparent perovskite solar cells

The issue of metal oxide layer degradation in semi-transparent perovskite solar cells successfully tackled and resolved, demonstrating significant progress for the first time in the world. The Photovoltaics Research Department…

These tiny power converters run on vibrational energy

ISSCC 2024 paper says ‘ground-breaking’ DC-DC converter unifies power switches on a single chip. University of California San Diego and CEA-Leti scientists have developed a ground-breaking piezoelectric-based DC-DC converter that…

Tapping into the 300 GHz band with an innovative CMOS transmitter

New phased-array transmitter design overcomes common problems of CMOS technology in the 300 GHz band, as reported by scientists from Tokyo Tech. Thanks to its remarkable area efficiency, low power…

Harnessing light with hemispherical shells

New research proposes to redefine organic solar cells with a hemispherical shell design that offers expanded angular coverage, particularly advantageous for applications requiring flexible light capture, such as wearable electronics….

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