Health and Medicine

This subject area encompasses research and studies in the field of human medicine.

Among the wide-ranging list of topics covered here are anesthesiology, anatomy, surgery, human genetics, hygiene and environmental medicine, internal medicine, neurology, pharmacology, physiology, urology and dental medicine.

Signatures of of heart attack

Improving the outcome of patients after a heart attack is one of the major challenges of cardiology. This includes a comprehensive understanding of the pathophysiology and early detection of those…

On the way for an active agent against hepatitis E

In order to infect an organ, viruses need the help of the host cells. “An effective approach is therefore to identify targets in the host that can be manipulated by…

Better care and quality of life for children with heart disease

MHH study investigates the effect of thymus removal on the immune system in children after heart surgery and aims to create a data basis for new therapy and prevention strategies….

Biomarker could improve prediction of response to immunotherapy in black skin cancer

If black skin cancer (melanoma) spreads, there are various therapies that can be used. However, there is still insufficient research into who responds to which therapy and whether resistance may…

Baby thanks to “glazing” of ovarian tissue

New cryopreservation procedure established at University Hospital Bonn to preserve fertility before cancer treatment. The team led by Prof. Nicole Sänger, Director of the Department of Reproductive Medicine at the…

In search of the best test

MHH researchers compared six methods for diagnosing minimal hepatic encephalopathy. Liver cirrhosis often results in a condition known as hepatic encephalopathy (HE). This is a functional disorder of the central…

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