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News and developments from the field of interdisciplinary research.

Among other topics, you can find stimulating reports and articles related to microsystems, emotions research, futures research and stratospheric research.

Deployable electrodes for minimally invasive craniosurgery

Stephanie Lacour’s specialty is the development of flexible electrodes that adapt to a moving body, providing more reliable connections with the nervous system. Her work is inherently interdisciplinary. So when…

Putting an end to rheumatoid arthritis?

Interdisciplinary research team unlocks the mechanism for inhibiting inflammation of the joints. Immunoglobulin G antibodies (IgB) play an important role as drivers of inflammation in infectious diseases and autoimmune diseases….

Monitoring Forests More Closely

Increasing heat and drought are changing forests faster than expected. Researchers at the University of Würzburg want to keep a better eye on these dynamics. The Bavarian Research Institute for…

Alternative Fuel for String-Shaped Motors in Cells

Researchers from Dresden and Bangalore discover a unique two-component molecular motor that uses a kind of renewable chemical energy to pull vesicles toward membrane-bound organelles. Cells have a fascinating feature…

Scurrying centipedes inspire many-legged robots

… that can traverse difficult landscapes. Centipedes are known for their wiggly walk. With tens to hundreds of legs, they can traverse any terrain without stopping. “When you see a…

A Sweet Solution to a Cracking Problem

Scientists Design New Bio-Inspired Molecules to Promote Bone Regeneration. An interdisciplinary team of scientists in Dresden developed novel bio-inspired sugar-based molecules that show potential to improve bone regeneration. People’s ability…

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