Information Technology

Here you can find a summary of innovations in the fields of information and data processing and up-to-date developments on IT equipment and hardware.

This area covers topics such as IT services, IT architectures, IT management and telecommunications.

Quantum technology reaches unprecedented control over captured light

Researchers in quantum technology at Chalmers University of Technology have succeeded in developing a technique to control quantum states of light in a three-dimensional cavity. In addition to creating previously…

Key element for a scalable quantum computer

Physicists from Forschungszentrum Jülich and RWTH Aachen University demonstrate electron transport on a quantum chip. Millions of quantum bits are required for quantum computers to prove useful in practical applications….

First successful exchange of quantum keys via optical fiber

Fiber link over 75 kilometers enables new QKD experiments. The Thuringian Ministry of Science has provided eleven million euros in funding for developing an infrastructure for quantum communication networks in…

E-band transmitter module based on GaN for 6G mobile communications

6G mobile communications is expected to pave the way for innovative applications such as Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality and Internet of Things in everyday life from 2030. This will require…

Silicon nanopillars for quantum communication

New production technology opens the way to quantum light sources with fiber optic compatibility. Across the world, specialists are working on implementing quantum information technologies. One important path involves light:…

High-performance and high-reliability artificial synaptic semiconductor device

… regarding next-generation brain-mimicking computing. KIST discovered critical variables to maximize the performance of artificial synaptic devices. Green light for next-generation neuromorphic system development. Neuromorphic computing system technology mimicking the…

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