Information Technology

Here you can find a summary of innovations in the fields of information and data processing and up-to-date developments on IT equipment and hardware.

This area covers topics such as IT services, IT architectures, IT management and telecommunications.

Human-AI coworking

New system combines human, artificial intelligence to improve experimentation. Though artificial intelligence decreases human error in experimentation, human experts outperform AI when identifying causation or working with small data sets….

Security vulnerabilities of browser extensions in the Chrome Web Store

Millions of users use browser extensions on a daily basis, for example, to block advertisements on websites. But is the use of extensions from third-party providers at all secure? CISPA…

1,000 atomic qubits and rising

A new record for atom-based quantum computers. Making quantum systems more scalable is one of the key requirements for the further development of quantum computers because the advantages they offer…

A “quantum leap” at room temperature

In the realm of quantum mechanics, the ability to observe and control quantum phenomena at room temperature has long been elusive, especially on a large or “macroscopic” scale. Traditionally, such…

New data speed record on optical fiber

New InP-based modulator with record-high bit rates could help move more data faster. As data traffic continues to increase, there is a critical need for miniaturized optical transmitters and receivers…

Breakthrough in single-photon integration

A recent study from Hebrew University has achieved a significant advancement in integrating single-photon sources onto tiny chips at room temperature, representing an important step forward in quantum photonics with…

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