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Engineering and research-driven innovations in the field of communications are addressed here, in addition to business developments in the field of media-wide communications.

innovations-report offers informative reports and articles related to interactive media, media management, digital television, E-business, online advertising and information and communications technologies.

Greater safety through better communication at sea

Automatic voice monitoring for the ship’s bridge. Many accidents at sea are due to errors in communication between seafarers. An automatic voice monitoring system for the ship’s bridge will ensure…

Art can do more: The project ART 4 …

With the ART 4 …  project, the artist, Bruno Wilbert, would like to increase general interest in the climate, environmental and nature conservation issues that are important to all of…

World’s largest collection of gait analysis data of healthy individuals published

The Gutenberg Gait Database: Publicly accessible database provides a reference set of data to be used for the diagnosis and treatment of gait disorders / Further expansion of the database…

European project develops tap-proof communication solution

As digitization continues, connected devices are making their way into more and more areas of everyday life. However, these are often vulnerable to cyberattacks; in the past, many end consumers,…

Refined audience targeting for perimeter advertisements during live TV events

Researchers at the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft have developed an AI-driven technology that allows the perimeter advertisements shown during live broadcasts of soccer games or other events to be changed without viewers noticing….

Red when mumbling!

Intelligibility Meter enables objective measurement and display of speech intelligibility in media productions. Scientists at Fraunhofer IDMT in Oldenburg are developing solutions to improve the intelligibility of speech in media….

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