Physics and Astronomy

This area deals with the fundamental laws and building blocks of nature and how they interact, the properties and the behavior of matter, and research into space and time and their structures.

innovations-report provides in-depth reports and articles on subjects such as astrophysics, laser technologies, nuclear, quantum, particle and solid-state physics, nanotechnologies, planetary research and findings (Mars, Venus) and developments related to the Hubble Telescope.

Fermilab successfully demonstrates new technique to improve particle beams

Physicists love to smash particles together and study the resulting chaos. Therein lies the discovery of new particles and strange physics, generated for tiny fractions of a second and recreating…

A new shortcut for quantum simulations could unlock new doors for technology

UChicago scientists create method to efficiently calculate quantum phase transitions. From water boiling into steam to ice cubes melting in a glass, we’ve all seen the phenomenon known as a…

Ultracold atoms dressed by light simulate gauge theories

Our modern understanding of the physical world is based on gauge theories: mathematical models from theoretical physics that describe the interactions between elementary particles (such as electrons or quarks) and…

First stars and black holes

Stampede2 supercomputer simulates star seeding, heating effects of primordial black holes. Just milliseconds after the universe’s Big Bang, chaos reigned. Atomic nuclei fused and broke apart in hot, frenzied motion….

Surprise, surprise: Subsurface water on Mars defy expectations

Physics connects seismic data to properties of rocks and sediments. A new analysis of seismic data from NASA’s Mars InSight mission has revealed a couple of surprises. The first surprise:…

Human-machine interfaces work underwater, generate their own power

Flexible waterproof sensors can control smart devices, such as lamps, music players. Wearable human-machine interface devices, HMIs, can be used to control machines, computers, music players, and other systems. A…

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