Oligotetracenes as organic semiconductors in optics and electronics

The novel oligotetracenes are organic semiconductors and allow the use of economical, light and flexible plastic materials as an alternative to glass in liquid crystal displays (LCDs) and displays equipped with light emitting diodes (LEDs).<br><br>

A novel synthesis procedure for the production of 2-bromotetracenes was developed. From these 2-bromotetracenes, ditetracenes or oligotetracenes can be formed in the presence of organo-metal catalysts.<br><br> The di- and oligotetracenes according to the present invention are more easily available, simpler to purify, and more convenient to process than conventional organic semiconductor materials. The field effect mobility and on-off ratio with these are comparable to pentacenes, whereby the tetracene derivatives, in contrast to pentacenes, are chemically stable.

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