Time saving procedure for gene assisted selection in dairy breeding

Advantage: High accuracy of forecast, breeding values within 24 hours instead 4 years, cost reduction compared to the conventional test mating of young bulls.

Concept: The new procedure provides a useful tool for the selection of breeding animals with gene variants having proven positive effect on breeding values for protein percent as important milk production trait. The procedure is independent of lactation and age. It supplements and reduces the time-consuming and expensive test mating of young bulls. Pre-selection of bulls using the new procedure will enhance the outcome of bulls with positive breeding values for protein content, associated with positive impact on somatic cell counts and length of productive life. More than 700 bulls were tested and the effect of the new pro-cedure genotypes on their breeding values for milk production, conformation and health traits was estimated. Allele substitution effect for the favourable allele is +0.05% protein in heterozygous bulls.

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