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Siemens Introduces the IonRight Water Purification System as an Alternative to Portable Deionization

As the product development leader in portable deionization, Siemens is introducing the IonRight system, the latest technology for providing industries such as metal finishing and microelectronics with consistent, high-purity water from potable feed water.

Designed for applications that require 4-10 gpm (0.9-2.3 m3/h) of high-purity water, the system is a “plug and play” replacement for separate bed and/or mixed bed service deionization (SDI).

In addition, multiple IonRight systems can be installed in parallel to accommodate even higher flow rates. The IonRight system’s dual-filtration process consistently delivers higher quality water with lower operating costs than traditional portable deionization. The IonRight system is currently available in North America.

The IonRight system incorporates carbon, reverse osmosis (RO) and continuous electro-deionization (CEDI) technologies in a compact, skid-mounted design. The robust RO/CEDI equipment allows stable performance and the flexibility to adapt to changing feed water conditions. Other benefits include easy transport, installation and operation, with no on-site maintenance required, as the RO membranes and CEDI system are cleaned off-site at Siemens’ local service branches.

An integrated control panel and power supply features auto on/off operation with an “instant on” feature. Included with the system are conveniently scheduled service visits from Siemens’ highly qualified local service technicians.

The system works as follows: After being connected to the customer’s potable feed water source, the water enters a carbon pre-treatment vessel, which removes chlorine, chloramine and other organics that could damage the RO and CEDI membranes. The water then flows into the RO membrane housing, where the bulk of the water contaminants (dissolved solids) are removed. From there, the water enters the CEDI vessel, where it is “polished” to a purity level of 1.0 megohm or greater. An optional twin alternating softener is also available as pre-treatment, if required.

IonRight is a trademark of Siemens and its affiliates in some countries.
Further information about solutions for water treatment is available at
Artist´s rendering of the new IonRight Water Purification System from Siemens
The Siemens Industry Sector (Erlangen, Germany) is the world's leading supplier of production, transportation, building and lighting technologies. With integrated automation technologies as well as comprehensive industry-specific solutions, Siemens increases the productivity, efficiency and flexibility of its customers in the fields of industry and infrastructure. The Sector consists of six Divisions: Building Technologies, Drive Technologies, Industry Automation, Industry Solutions, Mobility and Osram. With around 222,000 employees worldwide Siemens Industry posted a profit of EUR3.86 billion with revenues totalling EUR38 billion.

With the business activities of Siemens VAI Metal Technologies, (Linz, Austria), Siemens Water Technologies (Warrendale, Pa., U.S.A.), and Industry Technologies, (Erlangen, Germany), the Siemens Industry Solutions Division (Erlangen, Germany) is one of the world's leading solution and service providers for industrial and infrastructure facilities. Using its own products, systems and process technologies, Industry Solutions develops and builds plants for end customers, commissions them and provides support during their entire life cycle. With around 31,000 employees worldwide Siemens Industry Solutions achieved an order intake of EUR 8.4 billon in fiscal year 2008 (preliminary and unaudited.

Siemens AG
Corporate Communications and Government Affairs
Wittelsbacherplatz 2, 80333 Munich
Reference number: IIS200903.602e fp

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