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Siemens Expands Anaerobic Digestion Product Offering

Siemens Water Technologies has acquired the JetMix hydraulic mixing system from Liquid Dynamics Corp.

JetMix mixing solutions for anaerobic digesters and sludge storage tanks ensure efficient mixing through specialized nozzle design and configuration.

This proprietary system agitates sludge within the anaerobic digestion process, optimizing digestion and methane production. The latter can be captured and used as energy within a wastewater treatment facility.

Compared to similar mixing systems, the JetMix system allows operators to schedule mixing times, which can reduce power usage by 60% to 80% without decreasing gas production or negatively affecting volatile solids reduction. Suitable for use in new installations as well as retrofits or upgrades for a variety of municipal and industrial applications, the JetMix system complements Siemens’ existing line of equipment and solutions for anaerobic digestion.

The JetMix system creates an effective mixing volume rating of 95% or more, even with internal piping and roof support columns. The system uses powerful jets to maintain or resuspend solids. Nozzles mounted inside the tank can be rotated 360 degrees to create a flow pattern that virtually eliminates solids settling, reduces energy requirements, and makes dead spots obsolete. A top nozzle effectively controls scum and grease as well as foam and other floatables.

The modular design of the JetMix system allows for various pumps and nozzles to be used in combination to meet a wide range of application requirements and load fluctuations. Viscosity, particle size, density, settling rate and tank geometry are all considered when designing the mixing system. The mixing system can be paired with thermophilic as well as mesophilic digesters, and can be coupled with heat exchangers. The system can be used in channels as well as in circular, square, and rectangular tanks. Suitable applications include tanks with gas holders, or fixed and membrane roofs, with the tanks located either above or below ground. There are more than 300 JetMix system installations around the world.

JetMix mixing solutions for anaerobic digesters and sludge storage tanks ensure efficient mixing through specialized nozzle design and configuration. JetMix is a trademark of Siemens and its affiliates in some countries.

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Ms. Karole Colangelo
Corporate Public Relations Manager
Siemens Water Technologies Corp.
Hoffman Estates, IL
847-713-8458 phone
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