Better Health Care Thanks to AI

The aim of the AI-based intelligent magnetic resonance imaging project - one of the projects within the AI Center for Health Care - is to achieve the best possible imaging.
Credit: Jens Lehmkühler / U Bremen Reseach Alliance

Medicine is becoming increasingly complex, not least due to new technologies. Artificial Intelligence (AI) aims to help doctors manage the flood of information and make the best possible decisions for their patients.

With the recently founded AI Center for Health Care, the state of Bremen is promoting cross-institute cooperation on this future topic through the U Bremen Research Alliance – and is bolstering health research in Bremen.

As one of the activities in the lead project “Artificial Intelligence”, establishing the AI Center for Health Care addresses the critical relevance of artificial intelligence in relation to health research. The intention aims at the cooperation of the member institutions and in particular at funding PhD students working in interdisciplinary projects.

An exciting article on the successful work of the projects within the AI Center for Health Care was recently published in issue 7 of the U Bremen Research Alliance’s science magazine “Impact” and can be accessed on the following website:

About the UBRA:
The University of Bremen and twelve federal and state financed non-university research institutes cooperate within the U Bremen Research Alliance. The Alliance includes research institutes of the four major German science organizations, i.e. Fraunhofer Society, Helmholtz Association, Leibniz Association and Max Planck Society, as well as the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence. Artificial Intelligence is one of the Lead Projects of the UBRA.


Impact – The U Bremen Research Alliance science magazine

The University of Bremen and twelve non-university research institutes financed by the federal government cooperate within the U Bremen Research Alliance.

Twice per year, the Impact science magazine provides an exciting insight into the effects of cooperative research in Bremen. “Better Health Care Thanks to AI” was published in issue 7 (February 2023).…

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