Light for Innovation: The LZH at LASER World of PHOTONICS 2023

At the LASER trade fair, LZH will also present its offerings in the field of smart optics.
Photo: LZH

The Laser Zentrum Hannover e.V. (LZH) will showcase laser technology innovations at LASER World of PHOTONICS from June 27 to 30, 2023 in Hall B3 at Booth 210. In focus: highly specialized lasers, laser components, and individual complete solutions for laser material processing.

LZH develops highly specialized laser system technology for the industry.
Photo: LZH

Optical components for innovative applications, the latest developments in laser material processing, and customized system technology for industry: at the world’s leading photonics trade fair in Munich, the LZH will present current developments from photonic research. The spectrum ranges from solutions for classical laser material processing of metals, plastics, and composite materials to additive manufacturing with glass or lunar dust. Another trade fair highlight are the new possibilities in coating processes for the future of optics manufacturing.

Unique lasers and laser components from the LZH

At the fair, LZH will present highly specialized laser systems. Our individual, non-commercially available lasers can be assembled according to the modular principle, thus tailored efficiently and precisely to customer requirements.

LZH also keeps an eye on the requirements of customers and partners for individual laser components and develops customer-specific, fiber-optic components such as signal-pump-combiners or cladding-light-strippers from simulation to production, whereby highly innovative approaches for components based on special fibers, in particular, can be mapped.

For all cases: complete solutions for the industry

With customized laser processing heads, LZH brings innovative applications into production. For example, with the Multispot head: the modularly controllable laser spot for temperature-field-adapted welding can join plastic to plastic, but also plastic to metal, over large areas. The coaxial multi-diode processing head Dicolas for laser deposition welding enables components to be processed independently of direction and complex structures as well as high-strength and corrosion-resistant surfaces to be produced for heavily loaded components.

The latest generation IBK laser internal processing head developed at LZH is used in the automotive industry. The IBK can roughen the inner cylinder surfaces of aluminum engine blocks, thus preparing them for the necessary wear-resistant coating and making engine production much more efficient.

From agriculture to space: applications for every challenge

From the food industry to the life sciences to space research: the solutions developed at the LZH are used in a wide variety of fields. Be it in laser-based weed and pest control or in endoprosthetics, where lasers can be used to segment bone cement inside the bone during hip operations, making it easier to remove.

The LZH is also demonstrating how additive manufacturing with materials such as glass or magnesium can be used to produce customized products. The institute will also present a particularly challenging project in the field of 3D printing: For additive manufacturing with lunar dust directly on the Earth’s satellite, the LZH is developing a laser as well as the associated customized processes. The goal is to demonstrate that laser melting works on the Moon – and can be used in the future to produce locally manufactured infrastructure such as roads or buildings.

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