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The FiTS app now offering cooking videos as it expands its concept for long-term behavior modification


The FiTS app, a unique motivation program created by vitaliberty, was launched in early 2018. FiTS offers its users customized support for integrating fitness into their everyday lives on a long-term basis. In addition to its training companion and customized motivation strategies, FiTS now also offers recipe videos produced by its Hamburg-based partner FOODBOOM to help users enjoy more fitness and wellbeing.

Original recipe ideas that make a healthy lifestyle fun

On top of the articles about health topics and helpful motivation strategies designed to support users in establishing long-term fitness habits, FiTS now offers a number of original recipes created by the Hamburg-based company FOODBOOM. Both FiTS and FOODBOOM want to help make healthy and multi-facetted meals more accessible to people.

Their cooking videos explain how the dishes are prepared in a straightforward and uncomplicated fashion. Users can quickly and easily try out fresh new recipes which can make a long-term contribution to improving their well-being.

The selection features something for every palate and every diet while also taking food allergies into account — choices include a delicious wild-garlic risotto, a hearty burrito bowl and a fresh asparagus salad.

To further reinforce the partnership between the two companies, members from the FiTS team were on site at FOODBOOM's festival WE ARE FOOD in Hamburg on June 28. Together they discussed the industry's trends and future with other marketing professionals and start-ups.

"We are delighted to have gained FOODBOOM as a competent partner at our side when it comes to dietary matters. Working with them lets us offer our users simple but creative recipes they can cook themselves and enjoy healthier meals," explains Björn Sternsdorf, head of product FiTS.

Sebastian Heinz, co-founder of FOODBOOM, agrees: "We are always pleased when we have an opportunity to share our love of good food and our expertise in the field so that people's lives can be better and happier."

About FiTS

FiTS is an adaptive motivational program that has been available for Android and iOS since early 2018; its goal is developing long-term fitness habits. Its target group is everyone who struggles with trying to get regular exercise. By combining big data, motivational-psychology methods, body positivism and a healthy sense of humor, FiTS makes it easier for people to act on their good intentions on a long-term basis. Currently FiTS features over 150 exercises and several thousand articles and tips to give its users a boost.

Its multiple European patents reflect the extent of its innovative strength and its solid scientific foundation. Over 200,000 downloads confirm both the need and the potential FiTS offers its target group.

Further information about the app is available at thewebsite:

About FoodBoom

FOODBOOM was founded in Hamburg in 2015 and is Europe’s first premium food network. FOODBOOM develops its content in its own studios and distributes it over a variety of channels.  By creating innovative recipes, tutorials and documentaries, FOODBOOM reaches an audience of over 8 million people per week via social media, its own website, and the FOODBOOM app. In November 2016 the FOODBOOM magazine was launched in cooperation with Burda Media and has since reached a circulation of over 60,000 copies.  Managing Directors Sebastian Heinz (media economist, management consultant) and Hannes Arendholz (product developer, food stylist and cook) have built a team of over 65 employees consisting of professional chefs, stylists, editors, photographers, producers as well as social media and marketing experts. To date, FOODBOOM has collaborated with more than 100 prestigious brands, including Miele, Barilla, Panasonic, and Maille.

About vitaliberty

vitaliberty GmbH is a digital product company located in the middle of Mannheim, Germany. The vitaliberty team creates innovative, motivating and targeted products in the e-health sector to enable people to enjoy better quality of life and vitality their whole life long.

Further information:

Presseteam | vitaliberty GmbH

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