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Protecting our climate, the environment and nature is the focus of a new communications project


Although scientists have long made the underlying facts related to the man-made climate crisis very clear, a drastic reduction in greenhouse gases has yet to occur. The need for action is more urgent than ever.

How can I contribute to ensure that more people take an interest in the important issue of protecting the climate, the environment and nature and help them stay better informed?

Bruno Wilbert designed the 3.2-meter high sculpture “Hope” exclusively for the new communications project

Picture: © Bruno Wilbert

Bruno Wilbert – founder of innovations-reports and an active product developer, artist and designer for more than 30 years.

Picture: © Bruno Wilbert

It was precisely this question that Bruno Wilbert - founder of innovations-reports and a product developer, artist and designer for more than 30 years – had asked himself.

While watching an interesting film about how whales are being threatened by plastic waste in the Mediterranean Sea, Bruno Wilbert heard this sentence from marine biologist Sabina Airoldi: “The time has come to say, I have to do something now.”

This brief statement provided Wilbert the impetus for the development of a crossmedia communications campaign that aims to get more people interested in protecting the climate, the environment and nature, to encourage them to become better informed and ultimately to become active in these issues.

Wilbert designed the 3.2-meter high sculpture called “Hope” exclusively for this new communications project, which is scheduled to be launched in March 2020. The sculpture will play a significant role in the campaign.

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