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Early exposure to common viral infection does not protect against allergy

Common viral infections in early childhood do not protect against allergy, concludes research in Thorax. If anything, the evidence points to an increased risk.

The findings contradict the increasingly popular if general theory that the rise in prevalence of allergies and asthma is partly attributable to the fact that children are less frequently exposed to viral infections early in life – the so-called ‘hygiene hypothesis.’

The research focused on 889 pregnant Danish women, who wer

Peptic ulcer surgery increases the risk of pancreatic cancer

Peptic ulcer surgery seems to increase the risk of developing pancreatic cancer, finds research in the Journal of Clinical Pathology.

Pancreatic cancer is the fifth leading cause of death from cancer, largely because the prognosis is so poor.

Dutch researchers monitored the progress of 2633 patients who underwent surgery for the removal of a peptic or duodenal ulcer between 1931 and 1960. A preliminary analysis suggested that these patients had double the risk of developing pancrea


The most comprehensive picture yet of how dinosaurs evolved has been produced by a team at Bristol University.

More than 1,000 species of dinosaurs have been named since the first skeletons were dug up in the 19th century, and unravelling their patterns of evolution has been a major area of research.

Since 1980, over 150 evolutionary trees of dinosaurs have been published, most of them looking at small groups of species. The Bristol researchers have put all of these smaller

New research shows women’s fertility starts declining from late 20s and men’s from late 30s

A woman’s fertility starts declining as early as her late 20s – not in her 30s as was previously thought, according to a study published today (Tuesday 30 April) in Human Reproduction*, Europe’s leading journal of reproductive medicine.
The finding comes from a US-Italian study of 782 healthy couples who were using natural family planning methods to avoid pregnancy.

US-based lead author Dr David Dunson said that, to his knowledge, this was the first study to observe that a woman’s fertil

Stars are promiscuous

Succession of relationships keeps heavenly bodies young

Astronomers have uncovered a scandalous degree of promiscuity in the cosmos. Clusters where stars gather more densely than usual are veritable hotbeds of partner-swapping. Some stars engage in half a dozen or so relationships during their lifetime 1 .

Star clusters range from loose groups of ten thousand or so stars to dense globular clusters of a million or more. They exist throughout galaxies like ours

Oldest fossil footprints on land

Animals may have beaten upright plants to land.

The oldest fossils of footprints ever found on land hint that animals may have beaten plants out of the primordial seas. Lobster-sized, centipede-like animals made the prints wading out of the ocean and scuttling over sand dunes about 530 million years ago. Previous fossils indicated that animals didn’t take this step until 40 million years later.

“It’s staggering that we thought for all this time that animals appeared on land

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Physics and Astronomy

ispace and University of Leicester collaborate on lunar night survival technology

ispace, inc. (ispace), a global lunar exploration company, and the University of Leicester, have agreed to collaborate on approaches to lunar night survivability for future ispace lunar lander and rover…

Galaxies actively forming in early universe caught feeding on cold gas

Researchers analyzing data from NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope have pinpointed three galaxies that may be actively forming when the universe was only 400 to 600 million years old. Webb’s…

New insights into the interaction of femtosecond lasers with living tissue

Nonlinear light microscopy has revolutionized our ability to observe and understand complex biological processes. However, light can also damage living matter. Yet, the mechanism behind the irreversible perturbation of cellular…

Life Sciences and Chemistry

Technique to analyze RNA structures in ultra-high definition

This is where the Nottingham team, led by Dr Aditi Borkar, Assistant Professor in Molecular Biochemistry & Biophysics in the School of Veterinary Medicine and Science, has achieved a transformative…

Allergies: Advances in understanding eosinophils

New fundamental research provides a better understanding of the origin of eosinophils and eosinophilia, and the effects of treatments targeting them. Eosinophils are specialized cells of our immune system. They…

Gene could unlock big wheat yields for a growing population

A study from the University of Adelaide has discovered molecular pathways regulated by a gene traditionally used to control wheat-flowering behaviour could be altered to achieve greater yields. The gene…

Materials Sciences

Flexible film senses nearby movements — featured in blink-tracking glasses

I’m not touching you! When another person’s finger hovers over your skin, you may get the sense that they’re touching you, feeling not necessarily contact, but their proximity. Similarly, researchers…

Machine learning accelerates discovery of high-performance metal oxide catalysts

Researchers have harnessed the power of artificial intelligence to significantly advance the discovery and optimization of multicomponent metal oxide electrocatalysts for the oxygen reduction reaction (ORR). This breakthrough has the…

Plants instead of petroleum

– making new bio-based material solutions tangible on a pilot scale. The INN PRESSME joint project, funded by the European Union with around 14 million euros, was launched three years…

Information Technology

Streamlined microcomb design provides control with the flip of a switch

Lasers developed at the University of Rochester offer a new path for on-chip frequency comb generators. Light measurement devices called optical frequency combs have revolutionized metrology, spectroscopy, atomic clocks, and…

How AI helps programming a quantum computer

Researchers from the University of Innsbruck have unveiled a novel method to prepare quantum operations on a given quantum computer, using a machine learning generative model to find the appropriate…

GARMI care robot becomes a universal assistant

From skill sets to an overall concept. At the International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA2024) in Yokohama, Japan, geriatronics researchers from the Technical University of Munich (TUM) will present…