Power and Electrical Engineering

This topic covers issues related to energy generation, conversion, transportation and consumption and how the industry is addressing the challenge of energy efficiency in general.

innovations-report provides in-depth and informative reports and articles on subjects ranging from wind energy, fuel cell technology, solar energy, geothermal energy, petroleum, gas, nuclear engineering, alternative energy and energy efficiency to fusion, hydrogen and superconductor technologies.

Novel solar cell architecture performs well under real-world constraints

Hot-carrier multijunction solar cells maintain a high conversion efficiency with nonoptimal materials, broadening the scope of candidates for their design. Solar energy is a clean and renewable source of energy….

New artificial enzyme breaks down tough, woody lignin

Study shows promise for developing a new renewable energy source. A new artificial enzyme has shown it can chew through lignin, the tough polymer that helps woody plants hold their…

Fraunhofer ISE Develops the World’s Most Efficient Solar Cell with 47.6 Percent Efficiency

Researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE, using a new antireflection coating, have successfully increased the efficiency of the best four-junction solar cell to date from 46.1…

Major infrared breakthrough could lead to solar power at night

Based on similar technology to night-vision goggles, Australian researchers have developed a device that can generate electricity from thermal radiation. The sun’s enormous energy may soon be harnessed in the…

Artificial muscles help robot vacuum manipulators get a grip

The robot grippers designed by Professor Stefan Seelecke and his team at Saarland University can grip and manipulate objects with complex geometries. The system can adapt almost instantaneously to changes…

Algae-powered computing

Scientists create reliable and renewable biological photovoltaic cell. Researchers have used a widespread species of blue-green algae to power a microprocessor continuously for a year – and counting – using…

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