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New understanding of sea salt to help climate modeling

Study clarifies key chemical reaction in atmosphere

While a breeze over the ocean may cool beach goers in the summertime, a new scientific study has revealed that tiny sea salt particles drifting into the atmosphere participate in a chemical reaction that may have impacts on climate and acid rain.
The research, published in the July 3 online issue of Science Express, could have substantial implications for increasing the accuracy of climate models.

The study by scienti

Cold-climate creatures may be the ultimate survivors of global warming, study finds

Science has a way of forcing us to reexamine some of our basic assumptions about nature. Consider the following statement: Animals that thrive in high temperatures are more likely to survive global warming than those that are less tolerant to heat. While this conclusion may seem obvious, a new study in the journal Science finds that the opposite may be true.

In an experiment published in the July 4 edition of Science, Stanford University postdoctoral fellow Jonathon H. Stillman examined th

Drug improves the sense of touch, Science study says

Scientists used a stimulation technique to improve the sensitivity of people’s fingertips, and then gave them drugs that either doubled or deleted this effect. Similar skin stimulation/drug treatment combinations may eventually help the elderly or stroke victims button shirts and aid professional pianists according to the authors of a paper appearing in the 04 July issue of the journal Science, published by AAAS, the science society.

Finger stimulations and drugs can temporarily reorgan

Slide Projector Kills Herpes Simplex Virus

A lot of people suffer from herpes for all their lives. The herpes simplex virus (Type 1) constantly inhabits the organism revealing its presence from time to time. Once highly active anti- herpes drugs were developed (acyclovir and phosofonoacetic acids), the virus responded with new forms resistant to theses drugs. The Belorus researchers from the State Scientific Research Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology, Ministry of Health, Republic of Belorus, and the Institute of Photobiology, Nationa

Interesting Approaches in Model Construction for Controlling a Glass Melt

In this year’s competition of the international scientific association, EUNITE, three teams have succeeded in predicting the temporal development of the five response signals in the process control of a glass melting tank (with 29 input parameters) over a period of two weeks. The – weighted – deviation of the modelled values from the real values was 0.3 per cent. The winners will present their results at the EUNITE Conference from 10th to 12th July in Oulu, Finland. As an expression of its gratitude,

JLab’s CLAS physicists learn a little more about ‘nothing,’ get thrown for a spin

Daniel S. Carman (Ohio University) and nearly 150 members of Jefferson Lab’s CLAS Collaboration studied the spin transfer from a polarized electron beam to a produced Lambda particle. Their results were recently published in Physical Review Letters.

Measurements taken using Jefferson Lab’s CEBAF Large Acceptance Spectrometer (CLAS) are telling us more about how matter is produced from “nothing,” that is, the vacuum.
Using the CLAS in Hall B, Daniel S. Carman of Ohio Universit

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Physics and Astronomy

When the music changes, so does the dance

Controlling cooperative electronic states in Kagome metals. Playing a different sound track is, physically speaking, only a minute change of the vibration spectrum, yet its impact on a dance floor…

Astronomers measure heaviest black hole pair ever found

Data from Gemini North provide possible explanation for supermassive binary black hole’s halted merger. Nearly every massive galaxy hosts a supermassive black hole at its center. When two galaxies merge, their black…

Innovation in sensor technology

Development of a new pH sensing layer successfully integrated into an ISFET. Fraunhofer Institute for Photonic Microsystems IPMS announces a significant advance in chemical and biochemical analysis. The team led…

Life Sciences and Chemistry

Similar genetic elements underlie vocal learning in mammals

AI-identified non-gene regulatory DNA associated with autism in humans. The vocalizations of humans, bats, whales, seals and songbirds vastly differ from each other. Humans and birds, for example, are separated…

Fibre against pounds

Resistant starch supports weight loss. A diet based on resistant starch promotes a favorable composition of the gut microbiome in obese people. This leads to weight reduction and measurable positive…

Scientists develop novel RNA- or DNA-based substances to protect plants from viruses

Individually tailored RNA or DNA-based molecules are able to reliably fight off viral infections in plants, according to a new study by the Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg (MLU), which was…

Materials Sciences

World’s first metamaterial developed to enable real-time shape and property control

Inspired by the remarkable adaptability observed in biological organisms like the octopus, a breakthrough has been achieved soft machines. A research team, led by Professor Jiyun Kim in the Department…

Supramolecule combination of fullerene and metalloporphyrin

…improves zinc-air battery function. Zinc-air batteries are an inexpensive, powerful battery alternative that can be used on the small scale to power electronics or on the large scale for electric…

3D printed titanium structure shows supernatural strength

A 3D printed ‘metamaterial’ boasting levels of strength for weight not normally seen in nature or manufacturing could change how we make everything from medical implants to aircraft or rocket…

Information Technology

POLARIN: Network for polar research infrastructures

From now on, a network of 50 partner institutes will provide access to polar research infrastructures. Over the next five years, the European Union will provide 14.6 million euros in…

Virtual walking by synthesizing avatars into a 360-degree video

The shadow of the avatar evokes embodiment and induces the experience of walking while seated, in combination with foot vibrations. Researchers at the Toyohashi University of Technology and the University…

Open Data Format Simplifies 3D Printing Process

A new data format simplifies data processing for metallic 3D printing processes. It allows manufacturing and process control to be merged in real time – not only in 3D printing,…