Orthodontic Duplex Pliers – Intraorally applicable two-sided angled 3-prong pliers

In orthodontics, there is a multitude of intraoral devices and wires that can be activated by bending. However, due to restricted access, wire bending is often difficult if not impossible, especially in the palatine region and lingual of the mandible. Moreover, in many cases mirror-inverted pliers would be necessary for respective bending on the other side of the oral cavity. So far, there are no orthodontic pliers available, that enable ergonomic wire bending on both sides of the oral cavity. The present invention solves this problem by connecting the two handles with an olong hole system. According to the invention, the one-prong branch can be swiveled to the other side of the two-prong branch, thus allowing mirror-inverted application. A locking mechanism is activated when the pliers are closed to prevent accidental shifting of the branches. Another aspect of the invention is an convenient working angle between branches and handle, which facilitates intraoral application. A design model is available for demonstration.

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