VisuVivo – A proliferation marker to visualise cell cycle progression in vitro and in vivo with high spatial resolution

The invention provides a nucleic acid expression construct encoding a fusion protein comprising a fluorescence reporter protein (like EGFP) and a protein with a wild-type destruction signal (like Anillin). Localised to subcellular structures during cell cycle progression, it presents a fluorescence marker for imaging cell cycle progression in vitro and in vivo.

Challenge: The cell cycle comprises consecutive phases termed G1, S (synthesis), G2 (interphase) and M (mitosis). Cells that temporarily or reversibly stop dividing enter quiescence, named the G0-phase. To differentiate between cells that start to divide again and resting cells is still an unreached goal. In addition, available cell cycle indicators are unable to distinguish between cell division and acytokinetic mitosis which is karyokinesis without cyotkinesis or endoreplication which is continuing rounds of DNA replication without karyokinesis.

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