Growth Factors – Activation via Phosphate Donors

Growth factors are important key proteins which have different trophic, protective and degenerative effects on target cells as well as on cell-cell-communication and form part of the intracellular signal transduction. They support, for example, not only cell proliferation, migration and vitality, but also apoptosis and the differentiation of cells by binding with the specific receptors of the target cell, with a stimulating effect on the DNA synthesis.

The fibroblast growth factor bFGF (basic FGF or FGF-2), which stimulates the activity of CK2 (protein kinase CK2 resp. casein kinase 2), contributes to the neuro-protection/cerebroprotection and the angiogenesis, and is of great importance for the treatment of, for example, various diseases of the CNS.

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