ErgoViz – Ergonomic 3D-Visualization

By ErgoViz the real-time stereoscopic visualization of 3D

content is optimized, so that the visual stress on the viewer is reduced. This allows e. g. more working hours at a 3D monitor. The stereoscopic visualization gives the impression of real depth of the regarded image. ErgoViz is based on the principle that this visualization has to be adapted continuously to the viewing conditions. With the aid of an eyetracking system the current viewing conditions are measured. This information is used in real time for the adjustment of the technical parameters of the stereoscopic visualization. This ensures that no diplopic images occur, even when the objects seem to be near by. ErgoViz is not bound to a special technology process for stereoscopic projection. The only requirement is, that the position and the line of sight of the right and the left eye can be measured.

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