QLICK – Clip lock for assembly/disassembly of modular furniture systems without tools

The invention consists in a tool free connector unit for a modular furniture system, as shelves, space dividers, display furniture, and much more. The particular geometry of the three-piece system, including a clip-shaped closing element, ensures an outstanding stability, which is a critical aspect in many other screws-free systems already present on the market. The assembly and disassembly can be easily performed by anyone without specific competences and completely tools-free. Assembly and disassembly procedures do not damage the components which are designed to survive several relocations. A patent application has been filed in Germany and several prototypes of modular furniture including Qlick have been produced and successfully tested.
On behalf of the RWTH University, PROvendis is seeking a partner for licensing the technology.

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Dipl.-Ing. Alfred Schillert

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