Low-Cost 3D Controller with Intuitive Handling

The 3D market develops rapidly. Our invention contributes to this progress by providing a system for computing accurate six degrees of freedom (6DOF) of an input device. 3D-position and 3D-orientation are computed in real time at a high frequency. All computations are executed with minimalistic processing power and can be handled by an 8-Bit microcontroller. This provides versatile 2D and 3D applications. Virtual objects can be intuitively moved and rotated in 3D space, just as if the user holds the item in his hand. The intuitive handling, the high precision and the real-time processing promise an extremely real experience.

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Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen
Phone: +49 (7071) 29-72639

Dr. Rolf Hecker

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info@technologieallianz.de TechnologieAllianz e.V.

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