Ecto-NTPDase-Inhibitors – Inhibitors for use in human therapy

The invention provides a new class of nucleosides

exhibiting a high affinity for individual ecto-nucleotidetriphosphate- diphosphohydrolases (E-NTPDases) which have been developed by researchers at the University of Bonn. The inhibitors are capable of inhibiting the metabolization of nucleotides by individual E-NTPDases and thus act as a highly selective indirect agonists of P2- receptors (ATP-, ADP-, UTP-, UDP-receptors). Therapeutic compounds which facilitate the signal transduction via P2-receptors can be used e.g. for the treatment of mucoviscidosis and cancer or for the modulation of inflammatory processes and the immune system. Furthermore, such compounds are valuable tools in biopharmaceutical research. The present invention thus comprises a novel class of therapeutically active compounds as well as methods for preparing the same.

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