Alpha-Magnetometer – Robust, reliable and simple laser magnetometer for biological fields

The measurement of biological magnetic fields relies mostly on SQUID technology. However, the high level of running cost (for cooling) and the complex construction of SQUID magnetometers e.g. for magnetocardiography limit the availability of this technology. For this reason, atomic magnetometers offer a range of advantages over SQUIDs.

At present, atomic magnetometers currently rely on two independent sources of laser light (pump-laser and probe-laser), which must be kept exactly synchronised. This requires significant level of effort and expenses. The novel Alpha-Magnetometer, recently developed at the University of Bonn, overcomes this disadvantage by using only one laser for the function of both pump- and probe-laser. The new atomic magnetometer is highly sensitive and accurate, offering a wide range of applications for measurement of biological magnetic fields or as an atomic clock.

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