Bio stents increase risk of heart attack

Since the first successful use of a balloon catheter in 1977, researchers worldwide have been searching for the ideal stent for treatment of constricted…

Genome sequence of fuel-producing alga announced

The report, in Genome Announcements, comes after almost seven years of research, according to Dr. Tim Devarenne, AgriLife Research biochemist and principal…

Newly identified cell explosions involved in bacterial secretion and adherence

Membrane vesicles are tiny spheres that develop from bacterial membranes and contain a mixture of proteins, DNA, and RNA. They are important for the virulence…

A Vocabulary of Ancient Peptides

In a recent study published in the journal eLife, the scientists report the identification of 40 ancestral, peptidic fragments, which possibly represent the…

Iowa State astronomers say comet fragments best explanation of mysterious dimming star

ust what caused the mysterious dimming of star KIC 8462852?

Globally unique double crater identified in Sweden

The researchers have discovered two craters in Jämtland. One is enormous, while the other is a tenth of the size of the first.

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