Siemens awarded large-scale service contract in Australia covering 6,000 items of medical technology equipment

Consequently, Siemens will be providing services that will manage procurement, installation, maintenance, and regular system replacements of diagnostic and treatment equipment for the next 15 years. The agreement involves capital investment of 100 Million Australian Dollars (app. 78 million euros) and includes around 6,000 items from CT scanners to monitoring equipment.

This is the largest deal that Siemens Healthcare has ever won in Australia.

Fiona Stanley Hospital in Perth, currently under construction, is a two-billion-dollar venture and one of the largest healthcare new build projects in Australia. The Western Australian Department of Health has contracted the international services company Serco as the overall facilities manager of the hospital. Serco in turn has selected Siemens to provide support in the form of a Managed Equipment Service (MES). This is a comprehensive service agreement that manages not only initial procurement, but also replacement, ongoing management, maintenance and disposal of medical equipment, as well as coordination of user trainings.

Siemens will be managing and supporting around 6,000 pieces of medical equipment for almost all departments in the hospital, ranging from diagnostic imaging, laboratory diagnostics, anesthetics, audiology and intensive care. Under the vendor-independent agreement, Siemens will manage differing equipment suppliers, with the aim of integrating them into the hospital workflow to optimize the quality of care and to ensure best technologies are available to the patients. The contract runs for a period of 15 years and includes management of planned replacement of the equipment with updated technology.

In December 2011, Siemens commenced with the first phase of the 100 million AUD capital investment program which will see the first major items being procured. These include advanced computed tomography scanners, magnetic resonance systems, and other imaging equipment.

The Fiona Stanley Hospital is scheduled to open in April 2014 and will be Western Australia’s premier tertiary hospital, providing 783 beds and employing more than 5,000 people.

The Siemens Healthcare Sector is one of the world's largest suppliers to the healthcare industry and a trendsetter in medical imaging, laboratory diagnostics, medical information technology and hearing aids. Siemens offers its customers products and solutions for the entire range of patient care from a single source – from prevention and early detection to diagnosis, and on to treatment and aftercare. By optimizing clinical workflows for the most common diseases, Siemens also makes healthcare faster, better and more cost-effective. Siemens Healthcare employs some 51,000 employees worldwide and operates around the world. In fiscal year 2011 (to September 30), the Sector posted revenue of 12.5 billion euros and profit of around 1.3 billion euros.

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