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Golden rules for a risky business?

The siting of radio masts is one of the topics that today seem guaranteed to grab the attention of both the public and the newspapers. With passionately held views springing from all sides, sometimes accompanied by graphic accusations, how should businesses and professionals involved in this potentially controversial area try to steer a course in dealing with public perceptions of risk?

The answer to is be guided by a set of `golden rules` of communication, according to Dr Simon Gerrard, a s

Mobile mannequin will help protect aircraft workers

A mobile mannequin that will help safety officers assess the electromagnetic threat to humans flying in or working around military aircraft is being designed for use at BAE SYSTEMS Elecromagnetic test facilities. The mannequin is one of a comprehensive range of techniques used, both for testing equipment and for protecting staff, to be described today (27 June) at the Society for Radiological Protection’s meeting, ’Radio wave exposures’ by Mr Chris Lane, Radiation Protection Officer at

Caught On Film – TB Risk Of Badgers Visiting Farm Buildings

Using camera surveillance and radio tracking equipment, scientists have provided potential evidence showing how badgers could pass on bovine tuberculosis to cattle in UK farms.

In a paper published in a forthcoming Proceedings B, a Royal Society journal, researchers from the University of Sussex and the Central Science Laboratory have discovered that badgers regularly forage in farm premises such as cowsheds, feed sheds and cattle troughs, thereby making frequent contact with cattle, both di

"Anti" sites most likely to come up first during Internet searches on vaccination

Almost half of the first top 10 websites displayed by leading search engines on vaccination are emotive “anti” sites, finds a study in the Archives of Disease in Childhood. Many masquerade as official scientific sites, making it easier for users to be misinformed, say the authors.

The researchers keyed in the terms “vaccination” and “immunis(z)ation” into seven leading search engines: Google; Netscape; Altavista; GoTo; HotBot; Lycos; and Yahoo. They then used just the term “vaccination,” for

High levels of personal hygiene increase risk of asthma and eczema in infants

High levels of personal hygiene increase the risk of eczema and asthma, shows a study of almost 11000 infants in the Archives of Disease in Childhood.

The research focused on participants in a long-term study of parents and children (Avon Longitudinal Study of Parents and Children). Parents were surveyed about their children’s wheezy and eczema symptoms up to the age of 6 months, and then between 30 and 42 months.

A simple hygiene score was derived on the frequency of hand-washing

Gene discovery suggests that plant breeders may be able to produce nitrogen-fixing crops more easily than previously thought

Scientists at the Sainsbury Laboratory (SL)[1], Norwich, have today reported the discovery of a plant gene that is essential in controlling the interactions between plants and microorganisms that enable them to establish intimate associations, which are of benefit to both partners. Published in the international science journal Nature, the report’s findings suggest that it may be easier than previously imagined to design plants that are able to make their own nitrogen fertiliser.

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Physics and Astronomy

Unconventional superconductivity found in kagome metal

Physicists using advanced muon spin spectroscopy at Paul Scherrer Institute PSI make the missing link between their recent breakthrough in a kagome metal and unconventional superconductivity. The team uncovered an…

Oxygen in Earth’s Higher Atmosphere

A study of the upper atmosphere’s composition has successfully measured an increased presence of 18O, a heavier oxygen issotope with 10 instead of eight neutrons. Helmut Wiesemeyer (MPIfR Bonn) and…

The first lab-created “quantum abacus”

A new study reports the first experimental creation of a quantum potential with energies given by sequences of prime numbers, paving the way for a new approach to the investigation…

Life Sciences and Chemistry

Discovery of new ice may change understanding of water

Researchers at UCL (University College London) have discovered a new type of ice that more closely resembles liquid water than any other known ices and that may rewrite our understanding…

Robots and A.I. team up to discover highly selective catalysts

Researchers used a chemical synthesis robot and computationally cost effective A.I. model to successfully predict and validate highly selective catalysts. Artificial intelligence (A.I.) has made headlines recently with the advent…

Plasma-Structural Coloring: A new colorful approach to an inkless future

Classic graphite pencils can be used and transformed into colorful works using plasma irradiation, without a drop of colored ink used. New developments for achieving structural coloring through plasma irradiation…

Materials Sciences

Bioresorbable membrane for healing internal and external wounds

Fraunhofer researchers have succeeded in using the bioresorbable silica gel Renacer® to produce an electrospun membrane that is neither cytotoxic to cells nor genotoxic. This model mimics fibrous structures found…

How to make hydrogels more injectable

A new computational framework could help researchers design granular hydrogels to repair or replace diseased tissues. Gel-like materials that can be injected into the body hold great potential to heal…

Powering wearable technology with MXene textile supercapacitor ‘patch’

Drexel researchers create 6V textile supercapacitor to power wearable technology. Researchers at Drexel University are one step closer to making wearable textile technology a reality. Recently published in the Royal…

Information Technology

HENSOLDT and Fraunhofer work together on space surveillance radar

Licenses awarded to make GESTRA ready for series production. Sensor specialist HENSOLDT has agreed to cooperate with the Fraunhofer Institute for High Frequency Physics and Radar Technology FHR with the…

First satellite observatory for quantum optical communication

An Israeli first: One of world’s most advanced satellite observatories. The Center for Quantum Science and Technology at Tel Aviv University has built the first ground station in Israel –…

Piloting drones reliably with mobile communication technology

Drones are operating increasingly in areas out of sight of the person controlling them. However, conventional remote controls have a limited range, which makes them unsuitable for these flights. On…