Medical Engineering

The development of medical equipment, products and technical procedures is characterized by high research and development costs in a variety of fields related to the study of human medicine.

innovations-report provides informative and stimulating reports and articles on topics ranging from imaging processes, cell and tissue techniques, optical techniques, implants, orthopedic aids, clinical and medical office equipment, dialysis systems and x-ray/radiation monitoring devices to endoscopy, ultrasound, surgical techniques, and dental materials.

World class technology and talent battle cancer at the Centenary Institute

The Centenary Institute, one of Australia’s leading medical research institutes, unveiled a powerful microscope unlike any other in Australia today….

Infrared Emitters for Medical Technology

However, for some time, infrared emitters have been used directly used to heat tissue before liposuction and they help to remove wrinkles. Infrared emitters…

A new device will make quality control of radiotherapy treatments possible

Ionizing radiations play a vital role in the treatment and diagnosis of malignant neoplastic illnesses as well as in the diagnosis of other pathologies….

Narrow band imaging colonoscopy identifies flat dysplastic lesions in ulcerative colitis patients

Narrow band imaging (NBI) is a novel illumination technology for endoscopy characterized by light with wavelengths of narrow bands that improves the visibility…

PET scans show gene therapy normalizes brain function in Parkinson's patients

Andrew Feigin, MD, and David Eidelberg, MD, of The Feinstein Institute for Medical Research collaborated with Michael Kaplitt, MD, of Weill Cornell Medical…

Lung cancer treatment leads to Irish honour

The technique allows medical staff to identify exactly where the tumour is located, ensuring a more accurate delivery of treatment. Dr Hanna, a Queen’s…

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