Casting-rolling line at TU Freiberg enables innovative magnesium components for lightweight construction

The first batch of WZ73 high-strength magnesium alloy sheets produced under varied process parameters. Photo: TU Bergakademie Freiberg

As part of the AMARETO project (Saxon Alliance for Material and Resource Efficient Technologies), the Institute for Metal Forming (IMF) has now produced cast rolled magnesium strip of the alloy WZ73 for the first time worldwide.

This is not only extremely light, but also very stable and recyclable. This makes it particularly interesting for the lightweight construction industry. The scientists are currently carrying out further tests on the 60 panels produced. The aim is to further optimize the process parameters.

“This achievement proves the versatile application of the pilot plant at the IMF. With our new, young research team, we want to advance and further develop the forward-looking technology of casting-rolling”, says IMF Director Prof. Ulrich Prahl. The planned research tasks include the use of different alloys, optimized machine components and innovative measuring technology.

Thorsten Henseler's new “casting-rolling team” is focusing on the comprehensive digitalization of the process: “The potential to gather new findings for science and industry in this way is enormous. Above all, we see many potential uses for the future of industry 4.0 in the rapid analysis of newly acquired process data”.

To the AMARETO project:

In the “Saxon Alliance for Material- and Resource-Efficient Technologies – AMARETO”, which is funded by the Saxon State Ministry of Science and the Arts with 5.5 million euros, institutes of the Technical Universities of Freiberg, Chemnitz and Dresden and the Fraunhofer IWU are pooling their expertise with the common goal of developing new methods and transfer solutions for individual parts of the value-added chain that will enable SMEs to significantly reduce their product launch risk.

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ulrich Prahl, Phone: +49 3731 393698; Mail:… (Technikum Magnesium sheet) (AMARETO)

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