Interdisciplinary Research

News and developments from the field of interdisciplinary research.

Among other topics, you can find stimulating reports and articles related to microsystems, emotions research, futures research and stratospheric research.

A mathematical secret of lizard camouflage

A multidisciplinary team at the UNIGE has succeeded in explaining the complex distribution of scales in the ocellated lizard by means of a simple equation. The shape-shifting clouds of starling…

Insects help robots gain better grip

An international research team of biomechanics optimizes robotic movements inspired by insects. A whole generation of gripping robots has been developed using a design concept originally known from fish fins….

Learning from dust

Microplastic researchers compare health risks of microparticles. Researchers at the University of Bayreuth want to find out the consequences of inhaled microplastics. In order to better understand them, they have…

Hidden order in windswept sand

Researchers make new discoveries about “megaripple” grain composition. An interdisciplinary team including researchers from Leipzig University has analysed an extensive collection of sand samples from so-called megaripple fields around the…

Sensor based on quantum physics could detect SARS-CoV-2 virus

Mathematical simulations show the new approach may offer faster, cheaper, and more accurate detection, including identifying new variants. A novel approach to testing for the presence of the virus that…

A robotic hand with a gecko-inspired grip

Across a vast array of robotic hands and clamps, there is a common foe: the heirloom tomato. You may have seen a robotic gripper deftly pluck an egg or smoothly…

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