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IVAM product market at the COMPAMED 2019: No digitalization in medical technology without microtechnologies


The COMPAMED, which takes place annually at the MEDICA trade fair, is the leading international marketplace for suppliers of medical manufacturing. Exhibitors from all over the world will come to Düsseldorf this fall to present their components and technologies to the trade visitors.

Demand of miniaturization for digitalized medical devices continues to grow

The joint pavilion by the IVAM Microtechnology Network, the Product Market “High-tech for Medical Devices”, will be located in Hall 8a again


Especially in the field of medical devices for mobile diagnostics, therapy and laboratory equipment more powerful and digitalized solutions are needed.

"Microtechnologies are the key to digitalizing medical technology," explains Dr. Thomas Dietrich, Managing Director of the IVAM Microtechnology Network.

"Without miniaturized components and processes that enable ultra-precise manufacturing, portable and networked devices that monitor vital signs or medication and transmit and evaluate data are not possible," adds Dietrich.

As a result, the demand for miniaturization of medical components continues to grow rapidly. The marketplace "Hightech for Medical Devices", initiated by the IVAM Microtechnology Network, is the largest joint booth of COMPAMED with 55 exhibitors.

This year again, the IVAM area in Hall 8a is characterized by a high degree of internationality. The exhibitors come from Germany, Switzerland, France, the USA, the Netherlands, Austria, Great Britain, Greece and Spain.

The companies and research institutes will be exhibiting a wide range of innovations and solutions for medical technology. On display are miniaturized components and high-tech microelectronics, intelligent sensors for smart applications, 3D printing, RFID technologies, high-precision tools and functional coatings as well as microfluidic processes that enable improved diagnostics.

Microelectronics for Artificial Intelligence, innovative pressure sensors, microfluidic and micro-optical components

The IVAM product market focuses on microfluidics, sensor technology, microelectronics and optical technologies and their applications such as laser processes.

The highlights of the exhibition area include, for example, innovative sensors for diagnostics and monitoring applications. The Fraunhofer Institute for Microelectronic Circuits and Systems IMS will present the latest developments in the field of artificial intelligence for microelectronics and sensors:

These include pressure sensor systems for medical applications, such as theranostic implants, intracranial pressure sensors or tactile hand pressure sensors. SMI - Silicon Microstructures showcases MEMS-based pressure sensor solutions for advanced medical applications, which enable pressure measurement anywhere in the human anatomy and can be easily integrated into invasive medical devices.

CorTec GmbH enables communication with the nervous system to cure diseases. The Brain-Interchange-Technology is an implantable system for measuring and stimulating brain activity in long-term use. The closed-loop system controls itself: after successful stimulation, the system analyzes the feedback of the brain in real time.

Another highlight are microfluidic components and systems that make massive advances possible in the field of mobile diagnostic and therapeutic devices. The components can process the smallest amounts of liquids and evaluate them precisely. The company microLIQUID is presenting applications that enable, for example, point-of-care applications directly in hospitals, immunoassay tests in animal clinics, single cell analysis systems in cancer research or devices for personal drug delivery in local pharmacies.

Further innovative components that make improved minimally invasive medical technology possible come from the field of micro-optical components, systems and assemblies. Traditional companies from Germany and Switzerland such as Jenoptik, Berliner Glas, FISBA, Viaoptic, Mikrop and others will be presenting micrometer-scale optical products for a wide range of medical imaging, endoscopy and surgery.

COMPAMED HIGH-TECH Forum: Comprehensive, manifold and international like never before

In addition, the COMPAMED HIGH-TECH Forum in Hall 8a provides insights into research and development, explains technology trends in the industry and provides information on the relevant foreign markets for medical technology. Around 70 international speakers and moderators will be presenting expert lectures, discussion rounds and matchmaking sessions on all four days of the fair to initiate contacts. The most popular topics of recent years are still in trend and will be back at the forum with a session this year: "Printed Electronics / 3D Printing", "Laser and Photonics Applications", "Smart Sensor Solutions" and "Microfluidics for Diagnostics and Life Sciences ".

The IVAM product market "Hightech for Medical Devices" and the COMPAMED HIGH-TECH Forum can be found in Hall 8a. A flyer with a complete list of exhibitors and all presentations of the forum is available free of charge from the IVAM Microtechnology Network.

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