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Thermodynamic Power

The PRESTO® family continues to grow. JULABO presents the highly dynamic temperature control systems PRESTO® A80, W80, A80t and W80t.
The PRESTO® A80, W80, A80t and W80t presented by JULABO are additional members of the entirely new PRESTO® family. They unite high efficiency with unequaled power for modern laboratory and industrial plants for all applications be it reactor temperature control or material stress tests or temperature simulation.

The instruments cover a working temperature range from -80 C to +250 C, provide 1.2 kW cooling capacity, and they are robust and reliable even at high room temperatures up to +40 C. The heating capacity of the A80 and W80 is 1.8 kW. The instruments A80t and W80t heat even more rapidly with almost double the heating capacity (3.4 kW). Highly efficient components in all instruments compensate for exothermic and endothermic reactions extremely fast.

The powerful, maintenance-free pumps deliver up to 1.7 bar and deliver up to 40 l/min. They guarantee high flow rates with constant pressure and dynamically balance viscosity changes of the bath fluid. The required pump capacity is adjustable either via four stages or a preset pressure value.

The interactive user guidance via the integrated 5.7’’ color, industrial touch screen is a very convenient feature of the PRESTO®. Clearly structured display of values and graphs, all information at a glance, explicit and easy to understand warning and help texts – all these are only a few of the many advantages of the user-friendly, intuitive PRESTO® operational touch screen interface.

Like every JULABO instrument, the new PRESTO® have a particularly space-saving design without side ventilation slits. This reduces the required space to a minimum as other instruments or applications can be placed close to the new PRESTO®.

Multiple interfaces permit flexible application, e.g. control and regulation via an USB interface, data logging via USB or SD card, integration into bus solutions (e.g. profibus), and remote control across Ethernet networks or the remote control via JULABO's WirelessTEMP solution.

Many features of the new PRESTO® units facilitate temperature control. The filling opening for the bath liquid is easily accessible on the top. Once in operation the PRESTO® are whisper quiet and barely audible.

Competent pre-sales support and access to additional services ensure that the customers always receive the most optimal solution to their temperature-control needs. JULABO offers its customers installation and calibration services, documentation for instrument qualification, and user training so users can start using their instruments right away and benefit from years of safe operation.

JULABO Labortechnik GmbH
Tel. +49 (0) 7823 51-190
Julabo Labortechnik GmbH
JULABO was founded in Germany in 1967. The company represents innovation and competence in the field of temperature control technology for demanding applications. JULABO instruments with advanced control technology are used anywhere that high temperature precision or rapid reactions to temperature changes are required. More than 400,000 JULABO units installed around the world demonstrate a high level of acceptance among users in research and industry. JULABO has earned its place as one of the world’s leading firms in the field of temperature control solutions through its dedication to quality, German engineering, and rapid, competent support provided by local contacts.

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