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Siemens upgrades planning software for electrical power distribution


The Siemens Low and Medium Voltage Division has upgraded its planning tools Simaris design, Simaris project, and Simaris curves with additional functionalities and included new products in the planning selection.

Simaris assists electrical planners with the design, planning, and dimensioning of electrical power distribution systems for industrial applications and infrastructure projects. A large number of technical requirements that apply during the planning process have been included in the new versions and make their application even more convenient and more uniform. The upgraded Simaris versions now accommodate new products like the 3VA compact circuit breaker and the Sivacon 8PS LI busbar trunking system during electrical planning. Simaris project has been expanded for country-specific application in China, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal, and Spain. Simaris curves is also offered as an app for Android devices.

Simaris design is used to dimension electrical networks from the medium-voltage level to the end consumer on the basis of actual products with minimal input effort. The new version Simaris design 8.0 can now incorporate in the planning process new products like the 3VA compact circuit breaker and the Sivacon 8PS LI busbar trunking system. The 3KD switch disconnector and 5SL4 circuit breaker have also been included in Version 8.0. The new functions of Simaris 8.0 include, for example, taking into account the reduction factors for harmonics in accordance with DIN VDE 0100-520 Bbl 3 (VDE 0100-520 Bbl 3):2012-10 for cables. The apparent power of the circuits is now also listed in the overview of circuit power losses. The protection equipment settings can now also be exported as a table.

Simaris project calculates the amount of space needed as well as the required budget for the electrical power distribution in a building based on the defined project structure and the basic technical data. With the version Simaris project 4.0, planners can now include new medium- and low-voltage products and systems in their planning. The functions and available products in the new version have been expanded to meet country-specific requirements and can now be used in China, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal, and Spain.

Simaris curves 4.0 simulates parameter settings on protection devices. As well as visualizing and analyzing the characteristic curves set in this way, Simaris curves also generates documentation on tripping characteristics and their tolerance ranges. The tool also displays let-through current curves and let-through energy curves and incorporates these in the documentation. The 3VA compact circuit breaker and 5SL4 circuit breaker have now also been integrated in the new version. Simaris curves is now available as an app for Android terminal devices, so it can be used from any location.

Simaris planning tools form part of the Siemens portfolio for Totally Integrated Power (TIP). This comprises coordinated products and systems for uniform power distribution in buildings as well as the relevant planning tools and planning support services. Simaris provides electrical planners with professional programs for dimensioning and configuring electrical power distribution systems that can be operated easily and conveniently thanks to transparently designed user interfaces and intuitive functions.


The Siemens Infrastructure & Cities Sector (Munich, Germany), with approximately 90,000 employees, focuses on sustainable and intelligent infrastructure technologies. Its offering includes products, systems and solutions for intelligent traffic management, rail-bound transportation, smart grids, power distribution, energy efficient buildings, and safety and security. The Sector comprises the divisions Building Technologies, Low and Medium Voltage, Mobility and Logistics, Rail Systems and Smart Grid.
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The Siemens Low and Medium Voltage Division (Erlangen, Germany) serves the entire product, system, and solutions business for reliable power distribution and supply at the low- and medium-voltage levels. The Division's portfolio includes switchgear and busbar trunking systems, power supply solutions, distribution boards, protection, switching, measuring and monitoring devices as well as energy storage systems for the integration of renewable energy into the grid. The systems are supplemented by communications-enabled software tools that can link power distribution systems to building or industry automation systems. Low and Medium Voltage ensures the efficient supply of power for power grids, infrastructure, buildings, and industry. Additional information is available at:

Reference Number: ICLMV20140501e


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