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Mindjet announces the most powerful, comprehensive software application ever delivered for visualising and using information

Customer-Inspired MindManager 7 Catapults Productivity to New Levels with its Visual User Interface and Business Application Integration

Mindjet® Corporation today announced MindManager® 7, a next generation release of its popular visualisation software used by almost a million business professionals to accelerate their work processes, be more effective in their jobs, and save time. MindManager 7 optimises both individual and team productivity with a new user interface that is easy to use and delivers quick results to achieve new levels of project and process improvement, communication and interactions, as well as access to and management of key information.

MindManager Is Easy-to-Use with Fast Results

MindManager software has evolved over time to be a must-have application within 85 of the Fortune 100 companies to help boost individual and team productivity. Its ability to visually capture ideas and information, organise priorities and tasks, manage simple and complex projects and develop and communicate strategies and concepts helps to streamline and convey vast amounts of information.

Introducing MindManager 7

MindManager 7 is available in both Microsoft Windows (MindManager Pro 7 and MindManager 7 Lite) and Macintosh versions (MindManager 7 Mac). MindManager Pro 7 better enables the powerful integration capabilities with Microsoft Office products, as well as more elegant and powerful navigation and usability.

"MindManager 7 will transform the way people work and interact with information," said Scott Raskin, CEO of Mindjet. "MindManager and its use of information maps will help people visualise and see the big picture to achieve better business results. Now with MindManager 7 – productivity gains have never been easier to achieve. The spectacular and intuitive navigation breaks new ground by making it easier to interact with your ideas and information, increase effectiveness, and improve collaboration. We are excited about our next generation software and its ability to optimise productivity to help our customers accomplish more throughout the day."

Mindjet MindManager Pro 7

MindManager Pro 7 for Microsoft Windows features a new interface based on the Microsoft Office Fluent™ UI – designed to enable people to quickly discover and utilise more capabilities within MindManager. New usability enhancements include easier browsing within the Ribbon which has logically grouped tabs, saved queries and views for better navigation, new map styles and galleries for faster formatting, and enhanced ScreenTips, just to name a few.

"Mindjet is addressing a pressing need in the marketplace today for more visual and easy-to-use interfaces to business productivity and planning applications," said Mark Levitt, vice president for Collaborative Computing and the Enterprise Workplace at IDC. "As individuals and teams strive to better manage information overload and time constraints, MindManager can be a valuable application for creating, sharing and managing information and knowledge."

Tight integration with Microsoft applications in MindManager means users can launch Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Project or Outlook from within MindManager as well as import or export key content or information easily to any Microsoft Office application. Advanced sorting, topic-level formatting, and the centralisation of map subtopics further streamline the easy navigation and visualisation of particular sets of information within a Mindjet map.

"Mindjet has done a beautiful job of incorporating the Microsoft Office Fluent UI into their new release of MindManager. We are extremely happy to have them as one of our many licensees, and are proud of the work they have done in showcasing the improved usability that the Office Fluent UI brings to products of all kinds," said Chris Bryant, Senior Product Manager, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Corporation.

MindManager maps can be linked to variety of data sources beyond Microsoft® Office, such as RSS feeds, websites, and popular applications like®, enabling users to capture, organise, and visualise complex information. Integration with leading productivity applications and enterprise solutions saves users time and ensures quick data exchange for dashboard and presentation creation, contact and content management, data and project management, and more.

Mindjet MindManager 7 Lite

Mindjet is also announcing MindManager 7 Lite, streamlined entry-level software to introduce MindManager to students and home users. MindManager 7 Lite provides these users the ability to visually capture, organise and prioritise ideas.

Mindjet MindManager 7 Mac

Mindjet is also announcing MindManager 7 Mac, the first upgrade to Mindjet’s successful Macintosh product, released in 2006. MindManager 7 Mac offers significant enhancements to improve ease of use and functionality. These include a powerful new way to select topics by rules, which can be saved and applied as filters; printing enhancements that allow users to print large maps across multiple pages and add headers and footers and borders to printed maps; enhanced import and export capabilities, including OPML, HTML, Text Outline and more. Mac version users can now instantly view maps in a new Outline View. There are also significant image library enhancements, allowing users to find images quickly using keywords or a zoom slider to enable multiple or up-close image views. The Mac version also includes a new timer to keep meetings and brainstorming sessions on track and improved background image handling and main topic alignment.

Pricing and Availability

The English and German language versions of all of the MindManager 7 applications will be available on May 30th. Pricing is as follows: MindManager Pro 7 £199; MindManager 7 Mac £86; MindManager Lite 7 £50. In the month of May, anyone who purchases MindManager 6 will receive a free upgrade to MindManager 7 when it becomes available. For more detailed information about features, pricing, and more international versions, please visit

In response to overwhelming demand from our customers and available for the first time is Mindjet Project Management Jet Pack™ created specifically for project teams to kick start project planning and management. The pack includes a whitepaper and 15 related maps, an example project process with 19 additional map examples and templates, and information about our technology partners that support project management solutions. The Jet Pack, in English or German, is available now and free with the purchase of MindManager for a limited time. Please visit for more information.

Additionally, Mindjet Technology Partners will have MindManager 7 compatible solutions available for purchase on May 30. Offerings include solutions from aha!Web, BENEfit, BOSSDev, Gyronix, HBB, I and A Research, In4Tools, Mindsystems, MindBusiness, Ontaris, ProjectWizards, Realize AB and TeamDirection. Trials, demonstrations, pricing information and more partner solutions can be found at

Special Press Conference Webcast

To celebrate the unveiling of MindManager 7, Mindjet will host a webcast on its website under, “Mindjet Guest Sneak Peek at Upcoming Product before Public Launch.” The webcast will be available at

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