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NKT Photonics A/S introduces new pulse amplifier rod fiber DC-200-85-Yb-ROD

Improved double clad fibers based on industry proven CRYSTAL FIBRE technology
Birkerød, Denmark, June 19th 2009 – NKT Photonics A/S has introduced a new version of its CRYSTAL FIBRE series double clad rod type fiber.

The DC-200-85-Yb-ROD is made by CRYSTAL FIBRE patented airclad technology and features low photodarkening. The Ytterbium doped rod is typically used in output stages of amplifier chains for pulsed laser amplification.

For years, the fiber community have turned to CRYSTAL FIBRE for state-of-the-art solutions for high performance fiber amplifiers. Now, NKT Photonics is releasing a CRYSTAL FIBRE rod for MW peak power fiber amplifiers. The DC-200-85-Yb-ROD fiber features a 65 micron mode field diameter Ytterbium core. The 200 micron pump core diameter accepts pump light at numerical aperture values up to 0.54 for pumping at 915 or 976 nm. Pump absorption is 30 dB/m for 976 nm pumping.

The DC-200-85-Yb-ROD fiber is designed for OEM use for industrial customers. It could be used as an extension of output energy levels for existing fiber amplifiers or as a replacement of traditional crystalline rods such as Nd:YAG, Nd:YVO4, Nd:YLF etc. Compared to such traditional laser rods, the rod fiber offers high beam quality guidance of the signal as well as guidance of pump and thermal lensing is not an issue. The rod fiber has a high single pass gain, high slope efficiency (~ 70%) and pump absorption is polarization independent.

The DC-200-85-Yb-ROD fiber is available from stock – as bare fiber, endsealed and cleaved fiber or endcapped fiber – 8x8 mm glass blocks fused onto the fiber ends.

The CRYSTAL FIBRE double clad fiber series includes the DC-70-11-PM-Yb, DC-105-11-PM-Yb, DC-135-15-PM-Yb, DC-200-40-PZ-Yb-01, DC-200-70-PM-Yb-ROD, and DC-200-85-Yb-ROD fibers.

The products will be displayed at the Laser show in Munich (booth # C1.302) where more details will be available.

About NKT Photonics A/S

NKT Photonics A/S – formed by the merger between Koheras A/S and Crystal Fibre A/S - designs and manufactures commercial and industrial class specialty microstructured fibers and high power fiber amplifiers. The company also designs and manufactures fiber-based industrial systems such as white light lasers and ultra precise DFB fiber lasers. The mentioned products are produced under the brand names CRYSTAL FIBRE, aeroLASE™, SuperK™ and KOHERAS™. These systems are already commercially deployed in material processing, bio-photonics, metrology, optical sensors, coherent communications, test and measurement, high resolution spectroscopy and LIDAR markets. NKT Photonics A/S is wholly owned by the Danish industrial conglomerate NKT Holding A/S.

Contact for further information:

Mr. René E. Kristiansen
Sales Manager
NKT Photonics A/S
Blokken 84
3460 Birkerød
Phone: +45 4348-2820
Fax: +45 4348-3901

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