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For the health pioneers - vitaliberty introduces FiTS


vitaliberty presented its new product FiTS at the world's largest platform for start-ups, South by Southwest (SXSW), in Austin, Texas. FiTS will enter the lifestyle and health care market at the end of 2017, combining the latest technologies, sophisticated design and sound scientific evidence in sports and psychology to benefit the end user. FiTS is not just another fitness app: it is an individual motivation program for a healthier lifestyle.

Intelligent data analysis to help people change their fitness habits

For many people, it’s a real challenge to get more exercise, eat fewer sweets or get to bed earlier. There are plenty of of good intentions, but there are also many tempting traps and excuses in everyday life. vitaliberty is stepping up to support millions of people in adopting a more healthy lifestyle. To tackle the challenge of turning good intentions into actions, vitaliberty’s health experts are developing FiTS, a thoroughly personalized fitness and motivation program using intelligent data analysis and created on the basis of scientifically sound psychological models.

In addition, FiTS enhances the weekly customized training program with contextual content and information that motivates the user to pursue a better lifestyle – one where fitness is sustainably integrated into everyday routines. Unlike other products on the market, FiTS focuses on establishing fitness-related behavioral patterns; it does not offer a one-dimensional, unrealistic perspective focused on a narrow target such as six-pack abs in six weeks.

Presentation at SXSW – a platform for an international audience

As one of ten companies selected for the delegation from Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany, vitaliberty represented FiTS at South by Southwest (SXSW). This extraordinary conference is an annual event that takes place in March in Austin, Texas. SXSW provides companies a platform for presenting products and ideas in the fields of film, interactive media, and music to an open-minded and critical international audience.

FiTS - your motivation program for more fitness was shown to the international audiencewith various presentations and a short pitch in front of a top-class jury. Everybody in the audience belonged to the target group, because FiTS is intended for anyone who wants to change old habits, stay healthy, or resist the little temptations of everyday life.

FiTS for everyday people, not extreme athletes

FiTS is targeted towards its users in a very individual way. For example, the app knows if the user has not done any exercise for the last two weeks and reacts: FiTS then customizes the personal training plan and brings people back on the right track with charm, good content, and the right dose of motivation. For times when users do not feel like sports at all or perhaps have only a bit of time on the way to work, FiTS offers other suitable content, such as recipes and selected articles on various topics. FiTS adapts to the users’ preferences and individual fitness level; it recognizes personal obstacles and shows only relevant and interesting things.

FiTS grows with the user and becomes a totally customized fitness journal.

To be one of the FiTS pioneers, register for beta at

About vitaliberty:

vitaliberty’s vision is to enable people to enjoy a better quality of life and vitality at every age. We pursue this goal using innovative and motivating health-management solutions for specific target groups on a corporate and personal level.

This year vitaliberty will tap into the end consumer market with the new product FiTS, to realize its mission of turning a healthy lifestyle into something people actively enjoy.

FiTS is a totally personalized fitness and motivation program using intelligent data analysis. It is based on scientifically sound psychological models. In addition, the weekly personalized training program features contextual content and information that motivates the user to adopt a better lifestyle – one where fitness is sustainably integrated into everyday routines.

FiTS trailer and FiTSBETA registration on: and

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