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Did you know that UV light helps keep your kitchen clean? Even when roasting a goose?


Photonics based solutions from ultraviolet to infrared

The Christmas goose is a tradition that many families enjoy at Christmas. However, it is rather elaborate to prepare at home. This is why people like to order it when dining out. Not an easy task for restaurateurs because the fatty poultry releases a lot of grease when it is cooked.

Fat separators in the kitchen air extractor hood can only trap up to 95% of the grease in the outgoing air. The rest is deposited in the hood casing and the exhaust air duct. This starts to smell over time and causes a fire hazard. Moreover, the grease in the air settles down which makes cleaning very hard work.

Highly-efficient odour and fume reduction thanks to UV technology

Installing the Heraeus UV Control System in exhaust hoods in commercial kitchens enables environmentally friendly cleaning of exhaust air using UV light.

Treatment with high-energy UV radiation in the wavelength range of 185 nm (VUV) photolyses, destroys and neutralises grease and odour molecules.

This keeps the surface of the extractor hood clean and makes it much easier to clean the exhaust air duct. Where daily cleaning by hand was required before, the exhaust air duct now needs almost no manual cleaning at all.

Powerful Heraeus VUV lamps are very efficient even at ambient temperatures of up to 80°C. Moreover, their long useful life of up to 10,000 hours of operation minimises the servicing intervals.

Click here to learn more about air treatment with UV light.

Interested in more examples of applications in the kitchen?

Order case stories on air treatment applications in kitchens here !

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