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Max-Planck-Institut für neuropsychologische Forschung

The Max Planck Institute (MPI) of Cognitive Neuroscience was officially opened on Sept. 12, 1995. Located at Stephanstrasse in Leipzig, it has two founding directors - Angela Friederici, professor of linguistics, and Yves von Cramon, professor of neurology. About an hour´s drive from the main building, at Bennewitz, there is a branch office which accommodates the magnetic encephalograph.

Work is organized in two departments and an independent junior research group. Heading the two departments are Directors with permanent contracts who are independent in their research activities. Employment on the junior research group is limited to five years and aimed at giving young scientists a head start in their careers.

The Institute has an annual budget of about DM 10 million, one tenth being external funds raised for specific research projects. Its staff of about 140 includes 33 workers who are permanently employed, plus students taking their doctorate, and graduate students. Research staff in the departments and junior team have the most diverse backgrounds - there are philosophers, biologists, linguists, psychologists, mathematicians, computer scientists and medical experts. There is no alternative to this interdisciplinary approach, as experimentation with image generating methods requires that data be correctly read and interpreted, with new findings mostly resulting from daily routines such as the analysis of video signals with the aid of complex computational models.

Those who join MPI can expect to work in a team of excellent scientists using advanced equipment and approved methods and expertise. The library provides access to 190 periodicals and over 4,200 books.


Max-Planck-Institut für neuropsychologische Forschung
Stephanstraße 1a
04103 Leipzig
Tel: +49 (0)341-9940-00
Fax: +49 (0)341-9940-113

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