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DASGIP Information and Process Technology GmbH

Parallel Bioreactor Systems for Unparalleled Results

Rapid technological advances in biotech and pharmaceutical industries have created increasing demands in research and development. DASGIP Parallel Bioreactor Systems for the cultivation of bacterial, phototrophic, animal and human cells at bench top scale support scientists and engineers to accomplish their projects quicker and more efficiently.

DASGIP Parallel Bioreactor Systems combine the convenience of simple systems such as flasks and shakers with benefits of bioreactors: The systems’ small working volumes allow high experimental throughput with minimal input while precision and automated control offer highly optimized scalable processes.

DASGIP systems offer comprehensive control at bench top scale. Based on a modular design, 4, 8 or 16 bioreactors can be operated in parallel. Integrated modules provide independent control of pH, dissolved oxygen, temperature, agitation, media and gas supply, as well as optical density and off-gas analysis.

DASGIP provides a broad range of different bioreactors in variable scales from 35 mL to 4 L working volume. Depending on the application the users can choose bioreactors for cultivation of mammalian cells, stem cells, algae or for the fermentation of yeast and bacteria for instance.

The compact size of DASGIP Bioreactor Systems ensures they easily fit into any laboratory, even when space is at a premium. Reproducible results, ease of scale up and enhanced productivity support DASGIP users in accelerating process development.

Customers benefit from advanced DASGIP Parallel Bioreactor Systems for:

• Characterization and Selection of Cell Lines and Strains
• Process Development and Optimization
• Lab scale manufacturing of biopharmaceutical proteins and cell expansion

DASGIP was founded in 1991 and is headquartered in Juelich (Germany). In North America it is represented by DASGIP BioTools in Shrewsbury, MA (USA). Since January 2012, DASGIP has been part of Eppendorf AG, premium manufacturers of liquid, sample and cell handling products and expert partners in life science laboratories.

DASGIP Information and Process Technology GmbH
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DASGIP Information and Process Technology GmbH

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