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Bundesverband WindEnergie

Goals & Mission of the BWE

BWE -- These three letters stand for the Bundesverband WindEnergie e.V. In spite of its name, the BWE is not solely focused on increasing the use of wind energy. More generally, BWE supports the development of an environmentally friendly and sustainable energy supply by promoting the use of renewable energies, energy efficiency technologies and energy saving measures.

The goal of the BWE is the complete transformation of the current energy system. The motto is: 100 % renewable energy. In this scenario, wind energy would meet 20 to 30% of the German electricity need. The development of offshore wind locations will account for a large percentage of this figure.

Both the German government and the European Union have made renewable energies a clear political priority. Wind energy will play a leading role in the advance of renewable energies since the wind potential in Europe is enormous and the technology to harvest it is already in place.

One of BWE’s special focuses is to promote the acceptance of wind energy through a broad public relations campaign and through direct support of wind energy developers and turbine operators. The BWE closely cooperates with other organizations, including environmental and conservation associations, churches, unions, agricultural associations, and scientific institutes.

BWE - The Hub of the Wind Energy Industry

BWE links the diverse branches of the wind energy industry. BWE collects and refines all important wind energy data. The association also commissions studies and provides consulting services. Factual information for the public plays as great a roll as technical information for turbine operators and the wind industry. The BWE is the wind industry lobby for government, public authorities and other institutions. BWE was significantly involved with the formulation of the Renewable Energies Law (REL). The REL replaced the earlier Energy Feed Law (EFL) and is seen as the new model for European and global energy policy.


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