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Fraunhofer-Institut Sichere Telekooperation

Secure Telecooperation means IT-supported collaboration which is secured against threats and which bridges, reliably, the inherent gaps of spatial separation.
The evolution of secure telecooperation takes place as an interdependent interplay of the evolution of telecooperation and the evolution of security technologies. Each step forward in development and use of telecooperation asks for improving and enhancing security technologies and each progression of security technologies enables new forms of telecooperation.

Taking into account these interdependencies, Fraunhofer SIT

  • develops and promotes security technologies,
  • embeds them into already established applications, thus making them trustworthy,
  • realises new innovative forms of cooperation by integrating or supplementing existing technologies or progressing them,
  • contributes methods and building blocks to support the systematic and well understood construction and operational use of secure telecooperation.

SIT combines its own technological competence with the social, economical, organisational and jurisprudential competence of partners from research, industry and government to produce solutions which are intuitively usable, secure and reliable, standardised for global use, and legally and socially compatible, and thus widely acceptable.


Fraunhofer-Institut Sichere Telekooperation

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